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Aug 18, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Hartford, CT

It was a rainy day when killjoys from all around the country gathered at the Comcast Theater in Hartford, CT for one reason: to watch their favorite band My Chemical Romance put on a great show. Killjoys are very dedicated fans; some had been camping out since Friday for this day. Everyone was very friendly at the show, meeting new people, and spreading the love that the MCRmy is all about.

When it was finally show time everyone waited in anticipation as My Chem’s crew carefully set up the stage for the show. The security guard mocked us as we all screamed every time the lights dimmed. Finally the lights went black one more time as each member of My Chemical Romance walked on to the stage. The crowd went crazy and they broke into their first song “House of Wolves”

The energy that My Chemical Romance shows makes it impossible for one to believe that they do this nearly every night. They played each note as if it was their last. Frank was on the left rocking out as usual, spending most of his time on the ground or shredding on his guitar for the audience. Then there was Mikey Way right next to him. I remember that Mikey that used to be so timid on stage, but the energy and emotion he showed was unbelievable. Gerard was his energetic, crazy, and fun self as he is every night. It seemed that he didn’t stay still for a second; he was always running across the stage and doing his little dances that made the fans go crazy. Ray Toro, THE Ray Toro, was on the right side leaving everything he had on the stage. Whether he was playing a chord every few seconds or a blaring solo like in “I’m Not Okay,” he was head banging and moving around all night. Mike Pedicone and James Dewees really filled in the missing pieces in making My Chemical Romance sound amazing.

The Comcast Theater is a pretty big venue; thousands of people enjoying and celebrating rock and roll. Gerard Way has to be one of the greatest front men of all time. Whether you are standing right in front of him in the pit or hundreds of feet away from him in the lawn it seemed as if you were in an intimate show. He makes sure that every single person is having a great time and doesn’t just perform for the first couple of rows.

My Chemical Romance played many songs spanning across their five CDs. Whether it was “Give Em Hell Kid,” “Planetary (Go), ” Helena,” ”The Kids from Yesterday,” ”Welcome to the Black Parade,” ”Destroya,” ”Mama,” “Teenagers,” “I’m Not Okay,” or “Famous Last Words,” the crowd was going nuts and singing every word back to Gerard. Another thing that makes a My Chem show different from many others is that both the band and the fans make everyone feel comfortable. In between songs Gerard often stopped to talk to the fans. He asked if it was any ones first MCR concert and then told the rest of the MCRmy to show them how it’s done. MCR also truly cares about their fans. They took the time to talk to the crowd and tell those in the mosh pit to make sure that they took care of each other. Not to mention that Gerard said that Hartford was the best show yet!

When My Chemical Romance is on stage they don’t let anyone forget it. Gerard is extremely connected to his fans and it really shows. Whatever Gerard tells the crowd to do whether it’s clapping, putting your fist in the air, or just dancing and singing along; within seconds every single person in the audience is doing it.

This concert was really a great experience for everyone who was there. Even if you didn’t come as a My Chemical Romance fan, I can guarantee you left knowing at least one of their songs, and that’s all that matters. For those of you who haven’t been to a My Chem show; do your best to get to one. It is really a great time for everyone involved. For those of you like me who go to tons of shows, keep rocking out and spread our love for rock and roll.

I can’t wait till next time I get the privilege to see another My Chemical Romance show! I love meeting other Killjoys and the MCRmy every time I go!

Jamie Waring




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