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Aug 26, 2011


ROCKERS My Chemical Romance have good reason to be chuffed at headlining the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

They want to wipe the memory of getting pelted with bottles of pee the last time they played.

The US stars were met with a hail of boos and bottles when they performed in 2006.

But they insist they will win over fans this weekend.

Speaking before their Reading slot tonight, singer Gerard Way, 34, told me: “We haven’t felt like we’ve had anything to prove in a long time, so maybe this is the right time to do that. We’re closing a festival where not everyone has approved of us in the past.”

He insisted “playing everyone’s favourite songs and putting on a show” will be enough of a way of closing the festival rather than trying to match the fireworks of fellow headliners Muse.

Gerard added: “We don’t grow up with these kind of festivals in the States so this amazing event that goes on for days where you discover amazing new bands all day and night long means a lot.”

Gerard said My Chem would not take as long between albums as they did in the four years between The Black Parade and Danger Days.

He promised: “We’ve got a lot of new songs already.

When we finished Danger Days we were sad in a weird way because we felt like we were just getting started.”

And he revealed the album they scrapped before Danger Days was finished may get a release.

He said: “Those songs might yet see the light of day.”

Sounds good to me, sir.

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