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Aug 19, 2011

ARTICLE: Will MCR succeed at Reading & Leeds? **WARNING - NEGATIVE COMMENTS**

Will My Chemical Romance will pull off their headline slot successfully?
Kyle Prangnell:

This must be one of the most hotly debated and controversial topics in the run up to this year’s festival. It can’t really be denied that there has been a mostly negative reception for My Chemical Romance headlining the Festival, but will they pull it off?

Although there will be many die-hard fans, who will just be there for MCR and will love it, that can be said for any band. So the real issue is will they be able to win over those who aren’t bothered, or aren’t fans at all? Personally, I don’t think they will. MCR haven’t ever been known for their live performances, and although they’ve recently been seen to be improving, the fact that they’re already a controversial choice means they’ll have to be sensational to be a success, which I personally can’t see happening.

Lewis Lowe:

My fellow writer Kyle has hit the nail well and truly on the head with this one. There has been a hugely negative response to the news that My Chemical Romance would be headlining the festivals this year, and rightfully so. The band doesn’t have the substance to pull off the coveted top slot and they sure as hell don’t have the class. Past live performances have sounded horrific with Gerard Ways vocals sounding increasingly shoddy, but this won’t matter to their fans, or ‘MCRarmy’, as most seem to be deaf anyway. They will never pull it off.

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