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Aug 30, 2011

ARTICLE: Queen’s Brian May Joins My Chemical Romance at Reading Festival

Suddenly Brian May is the classic rock guitarist pop bands can’t get enough of. The Queen guitarist not only appeared with Lady Gaga at the MTV VMA awards recently, he showed up at the Reading Festival in England to rock out with My Chemical Romance. May jammed along to MCR’s rendition of ‘We Will Rock You’ before coming back for their song ‘Welcome to the Black Parade.’

In and interview with NME, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way explained how the performance came together. “I wrote an email to Brian after getting his email off (producer) Rob Cavallo. There was this story that (Queen) played a show in Paris and got booed off and Freddie (Mercury) said, ‘We’re gonna come back and be the biggest band in the world’. And after what happened to us at Reading in 2006 (when they were bottled), people would ask us, ‘Are you gonna do that again?’ and I’d go, ‘Not unless we’re headlining it.’”

“So I told him this whole story and how we were gonna go back and could he give me some advice. So we just got talking and I went to his house – I got off a plane, went to his house, went to his jam room, jammed out, did a soundcheck. I had a feeling that morning, it flipped in my brain, not, ‘Are we ready for this’, I almost felt like ‘Is the crowd ready for us?’”

On his website, May had nothing but nice things to say about the New Jersey alt-rock band. “The nicest bunch of guys you could possibly meet … dedicated, inspired, modest, appreciative, considerate, and with all the crackling electricity of a touring unit just reaching a peak of perfection.” He goes on to add that he’s felt a strong connection to MCR since he heard their version of Queen’s ‘Under Pressure.’


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