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Aug 30, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recap - rock en seine 08/28/11

Back from the third and last day of Rock en Seine.

I’m tired but overall happy.

I wish MCR could have played more though. The show was great, Gerard told us they wondered how to manage to play again because Reading and Leeds were exhausting but because the crowd was awesome they gave them the energy to go on.

They didn’t wore their Killjoys outfit either. Frank was awesome, jumping around everywhere… Mikey and Ray were smiling a lot. Gerard was making hearts all around and telling us he loved it here, he loved nature (the festival was in park surrounded by trees) and that he liked us because we loved his wife as well. Well yeah we love her. Who doesn’t?? I kinda wish she were around.

After them was Deftones. At some point I saw this guy next to the stage with his red raincut… it was Frank. Gerard was then next to him then Ray. Ray didn’t stayed long though, but Gerard and Frank did. It was nice to see them sing along and enjoy the show as well. It was kinda cute to just see them as fans of a band. And I like that Gerard is awkward omg.

I don’t know… that was just so great. But so short.

I love them.

credit: wonderfulcaricatureof-intimacy - tumblr

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