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Dec 27, 2013

ARTICLE: The Worst Music Fans of 2013 (excerpt)(WARNING: negative content)

"My Chemical Romance fans - This year the band behind "Welcome to the Black Parade" finally called it quits after at least six years of irrelevance. Apparently there were still stragglers hopelessly dedicated to the band, though, and it incited responses like the ones above. Hysterical sobbing and waiting endlessly for the band to return.

The worst though, and it seems to have been mostly scrubbed from the walls of Tumblr, was the hordes of people who started threatening suicide over the band's breakup. Come on, people. It's just a band. Life is bigger than music, believe it or not.

Then there was this.

Yeah, sorry mrsstylesswaggy, that is totally not okay..."

For full article, go here

Dec 14, 2013

NEWS: My Chemical Romance announce details on greatest hits,"May Death Never Stop You"

My Chemical Romance have revealed details of their upcoming greatest hits album, May Death Never Stop You, and revealed that the record will include previously unreleased material, and the sole remaining finished song from the never completed final MCR album.
The album is due for release on March 25 - a year after the band split - and will also include the Attic Demos, which preceded the band's debut I Brought You My Bullets...

See the band's official announcement:

"Hello all,

On March 25, we will be releasing a greatest hits album entitled "May Death Never Stop You." The title is fitting, because as sad as it was to say goodbye to the band, we look at this collection as a celebration of our best songs, and hope the memory of them continues to bring joy to you all as they have for us.

The album also includes some previously unreleased material, including the infamous "Attic Demos," and one of the last songs we worked on in the studio together.

On January 21, we will be opening pre-orders for the album right here on our site. We hope you take the journey with us into MCR's past, and enjoy the small taste of what might have been.

Ray, Gerard, Frank, Mike"

Dec 1, 2013

NEWS: Gerard Way Talks My Chemical Romance Split: “All The Joy Was Gone”

Footage has surfaced of ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way at Sydney’s Graphic Festival last month, opening up about the demise of the band and MCR5, the outfit’s fifth album that never happened, admitting that “all the joy was gone”.

The 36-year-old vocalist said he had in fact been finished with the band after the release of their smash album The Black Parade, but was unable to admit it to himself. “Paralysis comes from not being in line for what’s true for you and by the end of Black Parade I had in fact said everything I wanted to say.”

Way then goes on to explain that the music he tried to make prior became increasingly angrier and darker:

“I started to work on a record that was a concept record about a group of parents in a support group because they had all lost their children in a horrible way and that was supposed to be the last record. And that’s not a story I wanted to tell.”

Audio of Way performing a post-MCR song, entitled Millons, also found its way online after the event, which took place at Sydney Opera House on Saturday, 5th October, with the singer having previously posted the lyrics to the track online.

 Watch: Gerard Way Talks My Chemical Romance


NEWS: "Welcome to the Black Parade" Makes the NME 30 Greatest Music Videos of All Time

To celebrate, we asked you to vote for the greatest music video of all time. Here we count down from 30 – 1 starting with ‘Black Parade’ by My Chemical Romance (2006).