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Aug 28, 2013

PHOTOS: Candids - Gerard

Aug 22, 2013


Gerard Way and Shaun Simon’s third “Killjoys” chapter fleshes out the world and moves the narrative in a cool new direction. Cloonan’s art continues to be the biggest draw of this fantastically imaginative series.

WRITTEN BY: Gerard Way & Shaun Simon 
ART BY: Becky Cloonan 
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse 
PRICE: $3.99 
RELEASE: August 14, 2013

The issue begins with an innocent enough beat. Things become abundantly clear that major conflict is on the horizon. The girl is being primed for her fate in the conflict. The air of mystery is thickened and the world gets deeper.

“Killjoys” is a fantastic read. The script has a very lyrical feel thanks to Way and Simon. The dialogue pops off the page and filled with youthful energy. Every time one of the teenagers living off the wasteland speaks you feel a spark course through you. The dialogue is that good.