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May 31, 2011


US rockers My Chemical Romance have no fear of returning to the Reading and Leeds festivals, despite being bottled with wee last time they played.

My Chemical Romance, headlining this August, are up for an impressive five gongs at next week’s Kerrang Awards, including Best Band.

Frontman Gerard Way, 34, right, told me: “I always said if we ever do Reading and Leeds again we should be closing it.

“That’s the only way we should play it, so it will feel good to do just that.

“If we get into the specifics of what happened before, it had very little to do with the band and the music.

“At that point it was a very different thing, maybe public perception.”


VIDEO: Gerard Way, Lyn-Z & Bandit arriving at the Hollywood Palladium

May 30, 2011

VIDEO: Fuse Noise - The Honda Civic Tour

PHOTOS: World Contamination Tour: 05/28/11 - HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM - Los Angeles, CA

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REVIEW: My Chemical Romance Kills it at the Palladium (with Circa Survive & The Architects)

My Chemical Romance has some of the most dedicated fans anywhere!  Quite a few were dressed like band members at various points in their career in military gear or shirts and ties.  More than half the crowd wore MCR t-shirts.  The level of excitment on the street in front of the Palladium this weekend was so thick it could be cut with a knife.
An army of their fans took lined up around the block to wait for the best view of the band either from the balcony or in the pit.  The older crowd came later.  MCR has dedicated fans of all ages.  Even some of the parents who escorted their kids to see the band seem impressed with the band's output, creativity, and heart for others.  MCR is a band to believe in these days.
The crowd cheered for opening act, The Architects, who were blessed to have a good size crowd.  The Architects are on the record label started by Frank Iero of MCR (though Frank no longer runs it.)  They are energetic performers and talented musicians.  This tour should be their big break.  (Someone ought to tell them that there is another person performing under the name Architect.)
Circa Survive got the crowd worked up a bit.  There were a few issues with the vocals cutting out.  Their backdrop while they performed was really cool.  They have sold out smaller venues and caused a small riot when they performed at the Pac Sun Beach Ballyhoo.  When they took they stage, 100 people or more jumped the barrier to get in.  They encourage moshing and crowd surfing.
But what the crowd really wanted was MCR.  Rather than over-the-top projections and sets, it was mainly just the band.  There were a few effects, but no major pyrotechnics.  The aggressive "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)" was the perfect kickoff for the concert.  They saved "Helena" for close to the end and were sure to sing "I'm not OK (I Promise.)"
Their latest album really holds up well live and the band was in top form.  Dangerous pop sounds like an apt description, in the midst of heavy metal guitars, they always have a melody that rings out - either sung or played by Ray Toro on lead guitar.
Gerard Way is one of rock's most charismatic frontmen who keeps the audience in the palm of his hand.  His bright, fire-engine red hair and excited mannerisms seem almost like a Japanese anime cartoon.  The irony is that the band are living up to their cartoony image by authoring graphic novels in conjunction with their latest album, Danger Days.
Their heartfelt lyrics, passionate performing, and singalong anthems are sure to give their fans a great time all over the country.  For those who have met MCR in person, or read up on them, they know that the band are all super-nice Jersey Boys who aren't ashamed of their geeky, goth, or softer side.

PHOTOS: World Contamination Tour - 05/29/11 - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

more pics at
jump_ordont - Flickr 

PHOTOS: World Contamination Tour: 05/27/11 - HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM - Los Angeles, CA

more pics at

VIDEOS: The World Contamination Tour - 05/28/11 - Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA

"Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)"  & "Thank You for the Venom" TheRealConcertKing

"Planetary (Go!)" TheRealConcertKing

"Hang 'em High" TheRealConcertKing

"The Only Hope for Me is You" TheRealConcertKing

"House of Wolves"  TheRealConcertKing

"The Kids from Yesterday" TheRealConcertKing

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" TheRealConcertKing 

"Vampire Money" TheRealConcertKing

"Destroya" TheRealConcertKing

"Welcome to the Black Parade" TheRealConcertKing

"The Ghost of You" TheRealConcertKing

"Teenagers" TheRealConcertKing

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You" TheRealConcertKing

"Helena" TheRealConcertKing

"Our Lady of Sorrows" TheRealConcertKing

"Famous Last Words" TheRealConcertKing

VIDEOS: The World Contamination Tour - 05/27/11 - Hollywood Palladium - Los Angeles, CA

"Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)" nosaintinla

"Give 'em Hell, Kid" FKAsrv71420

"Planetary (Go!)" FKAsrv71420

"Hang 'em High" AyumiPULP 

"Mama" nosaintinla

"The Only Hope for Me is You" FKAsrv71420 

"House of Wolves" nosaintinla

"Summertime" nosaintinla 


"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" FKAsrv71420

"Vampire Money" cromeyellowweb

"Destroya" nosaintinla 

"Welcome to the Black Parade" nosaintinla

 "SING" FKAsrv71420
"Teenagers" FKAsrv71420

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You" LaxSheep

"Helena" FKAsrv71420 

"Cancer" nosaintinla

"Bulletproof Heart" FKAsrv71420

VIDEOS: The World Contamination Tour - 05/25/11 - The Majestic Fox Theatre - Bakersfield, CA

"Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na)  KeVoOo661

"Give 'em Hell, Kid" OtherKaylarw94

"Planetary (Go!)" reinap4

"House of Wolves"

"I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" KeVoOo661

"Destroya" OtherKaylarw94

"Welcome to the Black Parade" reinap4

"SING" reinap4

"Teenagers" reinap4

"Vampires Will Never Hurt You" Niacretin

"Helena" reinap4

"Cancer" OtherKaylarw94

"Bulletproof Heart" ShyannRomance

May 29, 2011

FAN TOUR REPORT: Bakersfield

By. Taylor
3... 2... 1... They came and they rock the majestic fox theatre in Bakersfield. My Chemical Romance live has always been very theatrical with their performance. This concert lives up to the spectrum that has been MCR. But the mission was very bitter sweet.

I have seen MCR two times before this concert; both were on the Black Parade tour. But this concert was different. I drove four hours from my mother house to Bakersfield and back, on a school night. I typed this report in my graphic design class with no sleep.
I got to the theatre at 3:45 and waited for the meet and greet. Best part about concert besides watching the band is meeting the other fans. The meet and greet was alright but the sound check was epic. It was my first time attending to a sound check. They played a few song (Na Na Na, famous last words, etc.) The meet and greet was short & sweet.
MCR came on stage around 9:30 playing the first song in their set “Na Na Na” then into “Thanking for the venom” (which is one my favorite song). They set list is mix of all the albums. So you never knew what song was coming next. If you never been to a concert before its very loud, have no space and you wake up cover in bruises, but even in all the chaos. It was like you were the only person in the room. Some of my favorite moments at this concert was when they performed “I’m not okay” and “welcome to the black parade”.
Before I forget, I want to thank tina for giving me this opportunity. Want to thank the Tech crew and staff at the theater for all their help. Lastly to My chemical romance for their music which has touch us all.
Hope you enjoy my photos. Keep running J


By. Laurie F.
As we drove toward the venue, an arch way for Walt Disney World greeted us with the line "Where dreams come true..." and it was at that moment, I knew that I would have the most amazing time. Downtown Disney was littered with day-glo hair and uniforms, as the Killjoys were ready to make some noise, myself included.
Now, this is where the situation gets a bit odd. Most of the past reviews of the tour have mentioned meeting the band before the show starts. This, however, ended up not being the case for me. I missed when Mehdi, one of the most awesome dudes in MCR's crew, let people in for it. Luckily, thanks to Lauren, Mehdi, Tina, and Cassie, things got a bit straightened out and I would have my meeting with the band after the show.
Soon, the lights when dark, and Dr. Death Defying's voice played over the speakers, and I rushed with a group of photographers down into the media area to take picture of the show during the first three songs. You could feel the energy flowing from the guys as they took the stage. Soon, the opening chords of "Na Na Na" began to tear from the speakers and I wanted so badly to dance, but was a bit too nervous & wanted good pictures. They followed that with "Give 'Em Hell, Kid" which is definitely one of my favourites from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. And soon, I was given a bit of a shock as Pedicone began the beat for "Vampire Money." I've seen Mychem play once already on this tour, and from where I was at I couldn't hear any of the response bits in the intro, but this time, I heard a resounding "Yeah!" from Ray. As Vampire Money ended we were shuffled out of the photo area, and I made my way back to my friend in the crowd. The best moment of was when Gerard announced to us that they had a special guest. They brought out a chair, and Gerard introduced us to a young girl named Claire. Gerard went on to tell us that Claire had been bullied for her medical condition. She asked to sing a song with them and that song was Planetary (GO!) and it was the best performance of it that I've seen of that song. Definitely go to YouTube and search for it, I'm sure there are loads of videos.
Look Alive, Sunshine
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give 'Em Hell, Kid
Vampire Money
Hang 'Em High
The Only Hope For Me Is You
Planetary (GO!)
I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
House Of Wolves
Welcome To The Black Parade
Vampires Will Never Hurt You
Bulletproof Heart
All in all the show was simply amazing, and what followed was probably the best moments of my life. Mehdi & Lauren found me after the show, I apologize for my lack of tact, due to me not wanting to bother them while they were working. After some waiting, Gerard and Mikey walked to us and greeted us. A few minutes later Frank and Ray joined. We chatted with them a bit, handed them some things we had for them, they signed for us, and then we took a photo. They were so nice, and interested in what we had to say. All in all, they're the most amazing guys ever.
They really care about the MCRmy, remember that!

PHOTOS: World Contamination Tour: 05/28/11 - HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM - Los Angeles, CA

more photos at:

REVIEW: Michele's Muzak Reviews: Architects & My Chemical Romance @ Palladium

The line that wrapped around the gi-normous building signified the 2 sold out shows at The
Palladium with My Chemical Romance headlining. The natives were restless after the first night
and some die-hard fans left the first show just to return back in line for the second night.
Architects opened a great, albeit a short set of 40 minutes, with stylish old school rock. They
roused the jam packed room and set a killer, high energy tone for the evening. The next band Circa Survive
prog rocked it out. The lead singer, Anthony Green, rubbed his ripped spaghetti strapped dress as he thanked his tattoo artist for having just 'hurt him
so good' hours prior to their performance. They mixed up SKA/punk/rock and sent
the crowd into body surf mode. 
MCR cracked everyone wide open by Planetary GO!, their third song off their latest album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. If you have never been to a My Chemical Romance show, you
are missing out on some serious high energy excitement. Though not all their songs may hit
you in the gut, each song has a unique sound serving as a time marker in their career. Their early
punk/hard rock sound differs greatly from their current recordings which shows the transformative
abilities of these guys to live a musicians dream and play with all genres of music while
continually making it all their own. Ray Toro's driving, electrifying guitars have only improved
over time. Vocalist Gerard Way, who's voice has wavered in past shows, kept strong at the Palladium.
At 2 straight hours of playing, Way was still going strong and he absolutely killed their mega hit
"Helena". The guys took a 5 minute break and did a three song encore wrapping the night up with
"Famous last Words" off The Black Parade and sent exhausted fans home to crash and burn thrilled
that they survived one of the most incredible, high energy shows around.

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance are goth-punks on a mission

Power and fragility intertwine in the music of My Chemical Romance, the flamboyant goth-punk outfit that played the first of two concerts at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday night.
Addressing a capacity crowd at the start of the group's 90-minute performance, frontman Gerard Way declared, "We're on a mission from God to kill everybody." Then his bandmates launched into "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)," a breakneck fuzz-garage jam in which Way exhorts fans to show him their jazz hands. The fans happily complied.
My Chemical Romance broke out of the emo underground in 2004 with "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge," which sold more than 1 million copies and set the stage for "The Black Parade," an elaborate 2006 rock opera about cancer, terrorism and slim-fit marching-band suits. That album turned Way into an icon for "the broken, the beaten and the damned" -- as he referred to his following in one song -- but it also saddled the group with the kind of responsibility that can eat away at inspiration.
After recording and scrapping a follow-up that Way described as "very boring," My Chemical Romance last year released "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys," a sharper, less grandiose effort with as much media-studies sarcasm as self-help reassurance.
Though My Chemical Romance originated in New Jersey, most of the members now live in Los Angeles, a shift that appears to have affected its sensibility. At the Palladium on Friday, the group embraced its big-hearted misfit vibe in such old hits as "Helena" and "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)," as well as in several cuts from "Danger Days," including "Summertime," an earnest love song that coasted atop candied new wave synths, and "Sing," which recently cropped up on the hit TV series "Glee."
But My Chemical Romance put more muscle into angry new tunes such as "Destroya" -- sample lyric: "I believe we're the enemy" -- and "Na Na Na." And it never seemed to be having more fun than during "Vampire Money," whose title takes aim at the artists who've benefited from appearing on soundtracks from the "Twilight" films.
Betraying what might have been a bit of professional sour grapes, the band later reached back to its 2002 debut for "Vampires Will Never Hurt You," as if to remind its youthful audience that bloodsucking didn't begin with Edward Cullen.

Near the end of Friday's show, before a thundering rendition of the latest album's "Bulletproof Heart," Way unloaded another of his gnomic pronouncements: "No matter what you do, never stop running." He seemed to be setting us up for his big Bruce Springsteen moment, especially once the song's glimmering arena-rock power chords kicked in. But Way had other things on his mind. "You stop your preaching right there," he sang, perhaps to himself, "'cause I really don't care."
 CREDIT: L.A. Times blog


CREDIT: mcrfan78 - Youtube

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance stirs a frenzy at the Palladium

Friday night, in its first of two sold-out shows this weekend at the Hollywood Palladium, My Chemical Romance proved worth the wait in a line that nearly circled an entire block. Surely those who got there early enough to secure a spot in front of the stage would agree.
Singing current and older hits such as -- from "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" and "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" (the only first-album selection of the night) to Black Parade material like "Teenagers" and "Mama" and new favorites from its well-received fourth album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys -- the New Jersey natives kept the faithful crowd of moshers, crowd-surfers and screamers in a fixated frenzy throughout their 90-minute set.
“This is a real f***ing L.A. show now!” vocalist Gerard Way shouted to anxious, eager-to-rock followers.
These days the red-haired frontman's style has become ever more Bowie-esque, adopting a new persona (Party Poison) as part of another concept guise that gives the entire band alter egos. Whatever he calls himself, however, Way remains commanding, capable of stirring up a sea of wanna-be Killjoys who were as entertaining to watch as the show itself -- especially the random guy next to me with spiky hair, fist-pumping while bouncing off the walls, or the few girls who got sprinkled into the mix of shirtless teenage boys in raging mosh pits.
Amid all that intense energy swirling inside the Palladium, Way managed to show a more tender side when dedicating “Summertime” to his wife, LynZ, bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence, who he called “the love of his life.” (The 34-year-old married the former Ms. Ballato at the end of the Projekt Revolution Tour in 2007.)
Initially ending with “Helena,” written in memory of the Way brothers' late grandmother, he returned for a melancholic interpretation of “Cancer,” after chants of “MCR, MCR, MCR!” surged out of the crowd, and was then joined by the rest of the band for the final hurrah, “Bulletproof Heart.” Bidding his minions goodnight, he admonished them: “Whatever you do, don’t stop running.”
Philly fivesome Circa Survive also received love from the crowd, who took to Anthony Green’s screeching, high-pitched voice as it flared, even when he held the mic well away from his mouth. “What I like most about shows like this is how ready you are to party,” he told the crowd, though they caused more of a roar at the mere mention of the headliner.
The Architects, seven years strong since the Phillips brothers formed the group out of the ashes of the Gadjits, deserve to be more than an opening act; the Kansas City band was anything but filler to kill time. From the get-go they exploded, enamoring an already packed room with songs like “Pill,” “Don’t Call It a Ghetto” and my favorite, “Year of the Rat,” presenting a perfect mix of old-school punk-rock influences to kick off the night right.
But Friday's crowd was also treated to a tour first, when MCR guitarist Ray Toro was invited out to join the Architects for a rip through AC/DC’s “Sin City.” “How f***ing cool was that?” yelled one of the Phillips boys.

My Chemical Romance will return in fall, co-headlining the 10th anniversary of the Honda Civic Tour, with stops planned for Oct. 1 at Honda Center in Anaheim, Oct. 8 at the Hollywood Bowl and Oct. 15 at Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Chula Vista.
Setlist: My Chemical Romance at the Hollywood Palladium, May 27, 2011
Main set: Look Alive, Sunshine / Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) / Give 'Em Hell, Kid / Planetary (Go!) / Hang 'Em High / Mama / The Only Hope for Me Is You / House of Wolves / Summertime / I'm Not Okay (I Promise) / Vampire Money / DESTROYA / Welcome to the Black Parade / SING / Teenagers / Vampires Will Never Hurt You / Helena Encore: Cancer / Bulletproof Heart CREDIT:

PHOTOS: World Contamination Tour: 05/27/11 - HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM - Los Angeles, CA

more pics at:

May 26, 2011

REVIEW: Friday Night: My Chemical Romance At House Of Blues

Less than a third of the way through Friday night's show, as the dark and ominous riffs of "Mama" faded out, vocalist Gerard Way dropped to the floor, and the stage lights abruptly went out. It was so abrupt, it seemed as though a fuse might have blown.
The stage slowly began to illuminate, and guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro began softly strumming their guitars. As the tune grew in intensity, Way crawled toward the edge of the stage and began lifting himself up, using the mike stand as leverage.
Just when the instrumental reached its climax, Way leapt up, threw his arms into the air in dramatic fashion and screamed. The crowd followed along, shouting and cheering as the spacey tones of "The Only Hope For Me Is You" began to resonate through the building.

This is rock and roll for the 21st century, and its fans expect theatrics with their music. And My Chemical Romance isn't exactly lacking in that department.
Watching a band develop is a lot of fun, and MCR have done just that. Yet, they have managed to stay true to their roots while doing so. Sure, their new album The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys sounds nothing like any of their prior work, but the familiar themes are all still there: Vampires, dystopian societies and, of course, a permeating theme of not letting the bastards get you down, which has been the band's manifesto since its inception in 2001.

​The last time we saw MCR was in 2006. This time around, five years later, they are promoting the new album, a sleeper-hit follow-up to 2006's critically acclaimed The Black Parade.

And they are doing so in dramatic fashion. Friday night, at a sold-out House of Blues, MCR put on the most pulse-pounding, fan-fanatical and by-and-large entertaining shows Aftermath has seen at the venue since the Dead Weather rocked the house just over a year ago.

From the first song, MCR had the crowd chanting along, in unison, to every word of such infectious tunes as "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)," which may very well be the catchiest song of the last decade. Look it up if you don't believe us.

The entire night was a colossal singalong like nothing we've ever heard, chock full of sweat and tears (of joy, we assume), without any blood (at least, not that we saw). While many critics give MCR and their fans a hard time, writing off the band as "emo," unoriginal and altogether too radio-friendly for their precious ear canals, the band has unquestionably figured out how market albums, sell out venues and keep crowds happy.
And they, along with their fans, have had a lot of fun in the process.

  Bouncing back and forth between songs from Danger Days and Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the sophomore release that propelled them to stardom, MCR had the crowd's full attention for the entire evening, and they sounded damn good doing so.

With fans this loyal, shows this impressive and an altogether optimistic attitude, who exactly is it that's ragging on these guys? Not us. We'll take upbeat and exciting over sinister and boring any day. But hey, maybe we just aren't artsy enough.

As MCR began to play "Helena," the band's breakthrough hit off Three Cheers, the crowd packed in tightly for what we all assumed would bring the night to a close. The song, an homage to Way's grandmother, whom he credits with keeping the band afloat through its formative years, got the crowd screaming and chanting.

  "One more song! One more song! MCR! MCR!" they screamed, until Way finally appeared back onstage five minutes later. Aided only by a piano, the crowd quickly hushed as Way began to sing "Cancer," written from the perspective of a man dying from the disease. The words, however, transcended the song's original meaning as fans waved their lighters and cell phones in the air.
"The hardest part of this is leaving you."

Personal Bias: We fell in love with Black Parade, finding solace in its uplifting message after the death of a friend. It's not that their new album disappointed us, but it didn't strike us quite the way its predecessor did. Still, it's a solid album in its own right, and the band's new direction makes for quite a show as well. It's too bad Danger Days came out on the same day as Kanye West's My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy, which we're sure cost it a lot of media attention.

The Crowd: Young, energetic and wild. All smiles, too. No fights, at least none that we saw).

Overheard In the Crowd: "I think a raccoon did her makeup."

Random Notebook Dump: Did you know that Marilyn Manson and MCR had a feud going for a short while? Manson called the band "sad and pitiful," remarking that their makeup and stylistic choices were blatant imitations of what he had done in the past.

In fact, "Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery," off 2007's Eat Me, Drink Me is supposedly about the band, featuring such subtle lyrics as "Hey, there's no rules today/ You steal instead of borrow/ You take all the shapes that I've made/ And you think that you thought all the thoughts that I thought/ Don't you?/ Fuck you."

ARTICLE: ASHLEY FISCHER: No one loves a band like a teen loves a band

"They don't even know what it is to be a fan. Y'know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it ... hurts."
-- Sapphire, played by Fairuza Balk in "Almost Famous," Cameron Crowe's sentimental ode to fandom

One of the many (mercifully less awkward and traumatic) teenage rites of passage is finding a band.
Not just a favorite band, but the band. One that you can channel all of your massive, teenage-sized feelings into, and turn into the center of your universe.

 A band like My Chemical Romance, which played the Fox Theater Wednesday night to the adoration of thousands of their earnest, singing-along-to-every anthem Bakersfield fans. But even more impressive than the concert itself was the simple fact that a band so huge and so meaningful to so many teens would play in Bakersfield at all.

Trust me, as someone who has had more than a few teenage obsessions of my own, it hasn't always been so easy to see the latest Best Band Ever.

The primary object of my feverish teenage adoration was ... well ... they had tight pants, big belts, leather jackets, were from New York and, for a brief while, were the music industry's "It boys." They were big (not just in Japan), and they graced the covers of all the right magazines, which made it easy to fuel my obsession. However, the downside of their being so big was that by the time they decided to tour the West Coast, they never once decided to stop and play Bakersfield, my hometown.

Those anywhere-but-the-Central Valley tour stops prompted many foolhardy trips across the treacherous Grapevine to Los Angeles (and even one disastrous journey to Las Vegas), so my friends and I could see the bands we so adored perform in all their real-life, carefully disheveled rock star glory.
Very rarely did my mom (a Cheap Trick devotee herself back in the day) actually know the truth of my whereabouts. Too many times we used the notoriously unreliable, "I'm staying at so-and-so's house" switcheroo, or the slightly more innovative, "seeing the late showing of 'Return of the King'" excuse. (The movie is about a million years long, so it wasn't entirely far-fetched.)

Now that I'm older and (slightly) wiser, I'm acutely aware of just how stupid these musical misadventures of mine were. I doubt I need to point out how fortunate we were that the worst things my friends and I ever had to deal with were a few missed curfews, surviving on little more than a shared bean and cheese burrito from Del Taco for the day, more than a few stressful hours spent trying to navigate the labyrinthine streets of Los Angeles and West Hollywood, and my first-ever speeding ticket, awarded to me by a Nevada state trooper.
Oh, and we got lost in Compton once.

That isn't to say these trips didn't have some good points -- I have a sizable collection of signed ticket stubs and guitar picks to prove it -- and there was also that one time the lead singer totally looked right at me.
But while my loyalty to "my band" remains, I've grown up, along with the countless other fans who were shoved up against those painful metal barricades in front of the stage alongside me. A new generation of teens has stepped up, along with a whole slew of new bands.

Enter My Chemical Romance.

Given my less-than-glamorous history traipsing back and forth across the Grapevine, I was pleased to learn the band decided to play a show in Bakersfield -- especially since they tend to play much larger festivals and stadium-size venues. No one was more excited about this than the band's many local fans (including my little-sister figure), who of course purchased their tickets months before I had any idea the show was even happening.

I spoke with a few of them before the big day to see how they were handling all the excitement. Most of them were spending the evening "geeking out" -- making shirts, hanging out, eating pizza and watching the band's road diary documentary included with their first live album, "Life on the Murder Scene."

Many of these fans' stories are similar to mine, including a less than ideal trip to Las Vegas (let's just say food poisoning was involved), but of course, they have a set of personal joys, excitement and irreplaceable moments that are entirely their own.

Though Ryan Hessberger, 19, is slightly disappointed that he won't get to add another road story to the roster of times he's had to travel to see My Chemical Romance, he was happy to have the chance to see his favorite band perform in Bakersfield for the first time. But, like any good fan, he was mostly thankful to have had the opportunity to spend six years of his life loving their music.

"Their music has gone with me from when I was 13 and all the way til now. There's certain songs I'll listen to depending on the mood that I'm in -- there's ones I'll listen to when I feel happy, or when I'm upset. Overall, they've always been 'there' for me. Not physically, but I've always had their music."

So, "three cheers" to you, My Chemical Romance, for giving your Bakersfield fans a chance to do what fans do best -- love their band.
I hope this won't be the last.



more pics at:


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By. Gage P.

We arrived at the venue at 3:30 and got to see a ridiculously large line wrapping all the way around the block. From fans with Tripp pants and elaborate military jackets to KillJoys with their battery operated hair that seemed to be almost blinding in the sunlight, the one thing clearly shared was a love of this amazing band.

We were led down a stairway where we were held and could hear them performing "Na Na Na" while doing their soundcheck. After what seemed to be the longest wait, the crew leads my Cousin and I and some other meet and greet contestants into the venue where we got to watch our own private soundcheck.

We got to hear "The Kids From Yesterday", "Vampire Money", and an instrumental of "Famous Last Words". Shortly after they walked down to meet us and everyones hearts froze. They were the nicest and most modest people I have ever met. I introduced myself to Gerard and he says "Hi, I'm Gerard" and all I could choke out was "Yeah.... I know" with a dumb grin.

We all posed for a quick picture and then left.
  Later that night as I stepped into the photo pit I could just feel the energy coming off the crowd. Everyone was so energetic as they all anxiously chanted "M-C-R! M-C-R!". After a very short wait (thanks to the speedy crew) you could hear the intro to "Look Alive, Sunshine" which was shortly covered up by the roar of the crowd. They came onto the stage with such a great presence and were all AMAZINGLY energetic. Gerard was getting face to face with the crowd while Ray and Frank dominated the stage Mikey remained strongly focused. The lights were by far the most amazing of any show I've ever been to.

Who am I kidding, that was all-around the greatest show I've ever been to. Gerard Way is an AMAZING front man, and the band played everything perfectly.

They played songs ranging from "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" to "House of Wolves", all in perfect tempo and harmony.
I think my favorites of the night were "DESTROYA", "Mama", and the encore, "Bulletproof Heart".

I strongly suggest that if you have the opportunity to see them live that you seize it. Also to stop by their merch booth because they had a TON of tour exclusive merch.
I'd like to thank MCR for being such an inspiration in my life and for allowing me to have this opportunity to meet and see them.

I'd also like to give a special shout-out to MCRmy Dallas for being so kind and for having such passion for the band. They were all exceedingly nice and very welcoming.


By. Jordan C.
Yesterday was one of the weirdest days of my life. But last night...last night made it all absolutely worth it. I never win anything in life, so naturally when I received the news that I was chosen for the Tour Reporter position, I nearly died out of shock. For all of April and the first of May, my mind was consumed with the concert. All I could do was fantasize about going to my first show, having great seats, AND meeting my heroes!!
 By the time May 10--the concert date--rolled around, many of my friends were sick of hearing me talk about it. It seemed all that came out of my mouth was "Concert, concert, concert!" I was so excited, but so nervous. I asked a few of my Killjoy friends, Tori, Cat, Anay, Magenta, and Ayslin what MCR concerts were like, and those that had attended before told me it would change my life. How correct they were.

I could write a novel on how much I love My Chemical Romance, how they've changed my life, given me inspiration, and made me feel special. They’re my HEROES for goodness sake! And if it wren't for the Tour Reporter position, I wouldn't had even been able to attend the concert. I had been given an incredible oppurtunity, and I wish I had a way to thank them for everything they've done for me, but all my brain could come with was fan art. I spent a month preparing a piece of art for the band and felt like it was my way of saying "Thank you for everything."

As the time got closer and closer to the doors opening, we began to become discouraged, fearing the Meet & Greet would be cancelled due to the band running out of time. But we constantly reminded ourselves that there was no way My Chemical Romance would let their fans down like that. We kept up hope, and soon enough, we were taken back to meet the band. As we were led to an alleyway outside with all of the band's equipment, my heart began to pound. Once outside, my new friends playfully teased me, along with the security guards, because I was so nervous. When I heard Gerard's voice near the door, and watched the band file outside to meet us, my knees began to buckle and I burst into tears. "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God." One beautiful moment that is absolute proof in how amazing the band is as PEOPLE, was watching them talk to Ryan. Ryan had a handwritten letter to give the band and was telling them about his friend who tragically took his own life last year. The look on Gerard's face was unforgettable. It was true empathy, sorrow, and completely genuine. I could hear him telling Ryan how sorry he was that it happened, and it touched my heart.

When I met the guys, I was crying my eyes out, and the picture I drew for them I practically threw at them, simply because my brain wouldn't work properly. I thanked them for everything they've done for me, and they are some of the nicest, most down-to-earth people I have ever met. I wanted to ask, "Do you guys know who you ARE??" But that was apparent went they gave me the classic "Hi I'm Gerard...I'm Mikey...I'm Frank." Sadly, Ray Toro was not at the Meet & Greet. I MISSED YOU RAY!!!
Fast forward to the show. I was still shaky from meeting them. I can't even describe how it felt to meet them.

As I made my way to the front to take the photographs, you could sense the excitement in the air. And when I heard, "Look alive, sunshine..." over the speakers, I couldn't believe what was happening. The way Gerard, Mikey, Frank, and Ray interact with the fans is incredible. Here I was, creepily taking pictures of the band, while I was so close to Gerard that if he tripped up and fell I was a goner. The smiles I caught the guys throwing my way made me shake, but I had a job to do, so I pretended to act professional, when inside I was freaking out.

During the rest of the concert, I had third row seats. I screamed so loud to each song, I lost my voice. The passion of the band, as well as the fans, was immense. The badn put everything they had in them to make it a great show. Whether it was Gerard howling like a wolf, or Frank spitting into the crowd, every bit of it was purely amazing. When you hear that the MCRmy are the most dedicated fans in the world, I know for a fact its true. Everyoen was so into the music, they didn't care how hot it was, how hurt we were getting in the pit, or that some of us had school the next day. All we cared about was soaking every bit of MCR in like a sponge.

If I had to pinpoint the parts of the show that affected me the most, it would be extremely hard. One phenominal part of the show was when Gerard called out Ryan's friend who had killed himself, and dedicated the next song to him. They then played a little song where Gerard held his hands out and repeatedly sang "When you go" and then the went straight into "Welcome to the Black Parade." It brought me to tears. They care about their fans so much, and no Killjoy should ever doubt that. Their performance of "Cancer" brought the whole club to tears. "Our Lady of Sorrows" and "Vampire Money" had the whole club screaming as loud as they could and dancing like maniacs. It was insane. Choas. Maddness. But it was the most amazing moment of my life. Of course the sunburn I recieved wasn't pleasent, and the wait was agonizing (since we could hear the soundcheck, it made us all extremely anxious), once we got into that club, everything was perfect.

If you ever have a chance to see My Chemical Romance live, take it. Don't have a second thought. Money for tickets might seem expensive at the time, but once you go and experience to true love that MCR has for their fans, it will change you life. I'm crying while I type this, and my hands are shaking as I reflect on last night. I can't wait for them to come back so I can do this all over again. Because they are the best band in the world. And they give all they have into their shows. Every song is amazing. Every beat from the drums, every note on the keyboard, every guitar riff, every bass chord, and every single lyric are truly perfect.
If MCR is ever with 100 miles of you, GO. You will never regret it. I will remember this until the day I die. I wish I could write more about just how this show has affacted me, and how the guys are such amazing people and musicians, but every article must come to a close. So maybe I'll end on a lighter note.

Frank, you Tweeted that you wouldn't shake anyone's hand yesterday because you didn't wash your hands. You shook my hand. I was Newarked.


May 24, 2011

REVIEW: Out This Weekend: The Architects, Circa Survive, and My Chemical Romance

I walked into the House of Blues a little Saturday night and only heard the last enthusiastic clang of The Architects’ drummer. Circa Survive then took their spot on stage,and after watching lead singer Anthony Green roll his imaginary ball around the stage and throw his empty hands to the floor while bellowing “f**k yeah” repeatedly, I realized that this was the same repeat offender who opened for Linkin Park at the American Airlines Center in early March. And just like that AAC show, Green was too busy slamming himself around the stage to show any care for his lyrics.

This man lives to rustle up rambunctiousness, and what he couldn’t achieve in March (whether it was the larger venue or not as many pill popping fans) he got last night. The more “screamo” his songs got the more hands shot into the air;  the faster the lights began to strobe, the harder fans began to jump and push each other. And with his t-shirt completely soaked through and plaid golfer hat that he had stolen from the crowd securely tightened on his head, he said “Y’all look like you’re ready to get crazy for MCR. I can’t get you there but maybe I can almost.” And his dream almost came true as fans began lifting each other into the air, and a spotlight picked out a pocket of fans as they almost started full-fledged moshing.
Before MCR came on, a photographer stepped on stage and raised his lens to his eye. The formerly quiet crowd shot their hands into the air in unison, and together they chanted “M-C-R,” however weakly, for maybe five seconds. But once front man Gerard Way stepped out onto the stage and the lights the HOB went black, every cell phone went into the air — like we were floating in technological star light. Strobe lights flashed one by one across the stage to the crowd’s deafening screams, and then music met sound as together both blinding light and bursting screams carried out ” NA NA NA.”
Four giant V-shaped stage pieces set up across the stage, burning red. As the V’s faded to black, the stage flashed, the colorful backdrop scanned the spectrum, changing from red to yellow to orange and flickering with such a pace that made it impossible to blink. And it didn’t even matter that I couldn’t make out one word Way was saying (except for the occasional “f**k” and “sh*t”) because my visual senses were already in overload. Between songs Way gave a Texas shout out and introduced themselves with a slow, WWF-inspired “We…are…my…chemical” and he let the crowd finish it as the floor shook with force “ROMANCE!” As “Plantetary” began playing, Way asked if we were ready to dance, and it was as if the crowd became one fluid movement of lyric and motion. Yes it generated crazy hype, and yes I was getting annoyed of the same guitar playing over and over and over and over…and over.
But to these fans, MCR was heaven, and Gerard Way was their god. Every time he shot his hands into the air, the crowds pitch shot up three octaves. I was standing by the back bar (not even in the front with the die hard fans), and I saw three girls pass by me with their inch thick eyeliner draining down their face and tears in their eyes,  their hands grasping their cameras next to their hearts. Was this a concert or a religious revival?