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May 9, 2011

ARTICLE: [exerpt] Neon Trees Call My Chemical Romance 'Nice'

You just did a stint of recent shows with My Chemical Romance. Any behind-the-scenes dirt?

We always joke that we're gonna ruin their image by telling everyone how nice they are. Without naming names, we've been out with bands before where you feel like eye contact isn't an option with the headliner or weird stuff like that. These guys aren't like that at all. I think what helps to is that they all seem to respect and enjoy each other. Fun-wise, we were up in Edmonton, Alberta and they rented out a theater at midnight and after the concert we all went and watched the movie 'Sucker Punch.' They're originally from New Jersey and they wanted us to have a mascot for our tour bus, someone to guide us through all of our travels, so they gave us a bobblehead of The Situation from 'Jersey Shore.' We transformed him, though. We made a cape and a hat for him and gave him a mustache and so now he's Jersey Zorro. I had to take the batteries out because it was a talking bobblehead and it was quotes from Mike the Situation, which was very annoying.

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