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May 19, 2011

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance returns with energy, drama to spare

It’s been a few years since the New Jersey boys of My Chemical Romance (MCR) rocked South Florida, but they made up for lost time with energy to spare.
MCR has always been known for delving into the dramatics of performing, and they sure gave the crowd a big dose. This flair for quirkiness did nothing short of make the show that much more visually entertaining. In tribute to their new album, Danger Days, the crowd played along by adding their own flair for drama with shiny masks and feathery boas.
 This sight was definitely an interesting twist to the way a crowd shows their love to their favorite bands.

Starting off with one of their recent singles, “Na Na Na”, MCR literally had the crowd jumping and singing along. They added other fan favorites such as “Planetary (Go!)”, “Hang Em’ High”, and “Mama”. Pure adrenaline craziness busted onto the stage from the red hair of lead singer Gerard Way to the sick guitar and drum solos from band members Ray Toro (guitar), Mikey Way (bass), Frank Iero (guitar) and Michael Pedicone (drums).

It was only natural for the crowd to soak up some of the craziness and add to it with crowd surfing galore, jumping, sing-alongs, and of course swaying to Gerard Way’s command. Ending the night with all time favorites “Helena”, “I’m Not OK (I Promise)” was just the cherry to the already fulfilling night. All in all this was definitely a show worth the long lines and drive to see.

Opening for MCR were two very talented groups. First to grace our presence were The Architects. Beginning the night with awesome guitar solos to hyping the crowd up was just what the doctor ordered. As they sang, it was apparent the effect these Kansas-born guys had on the crowd, with more and more head-bopping to the music as they sang.
Next up was Circa Survive. It was obvious as they ran out on stage with such enthusiasm that they were indeed going to be fun to watch. Egging on the already juiced-up crowd to even further heights, Circa Survive had strong energy on stage.
All three bands really made it a night worth watching, and it was obvious people of South Florida thought so too as the show was a sold-out hit.

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