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Nov 30, 2011

NEWS: Killjoy Jacket Design Contest Winners

Thank you to all the killjoys that submitted entries for the Killjoy Jacket Design Contest! There were hundreds of submissions and the quality of the entries and the amount of effort everyone put into the designs was overwhelming. Here are the winners:
 Grand Prize:
 by. WolfMistress

This jacket is for my killjoy persona, Bella Blitz. The images are my original sketches (notes and scribbles included), and I did a front and back view. Basically in deciding ideas, I went with a play on words from the name Bella Blitz and used the idea of "blitzkrieg," or "an intense military campaign intended to bring about a swift victory" which seemed highly appropriate to the idea of a killjoy. So for the design, I made the style like a bomber jacket (my steampunk influence) with 3/4 sleeves to be a little different. The back has a bomber plane itself and bombs dropping from it in multiple colors. I went ahead and included a belt and raygun to complete the look, so creating my gun will be the next step! :)

Runner Up #1:
  by. Scrumtrulescent

I chose a mouse with a gas mask for the back of the jacket. Reflected in the eye's of the gas mask is a mushroom cloud. This cloud represents the massive amount of toxic bullsh*t being released daily. On the bottom of the gas mask are the letters MCR. The gas mask represents, well MCR, for giving us protection from the toxic sh*t by being true to themselves and art. The left arm badges are allegiance and zone badges. The right chest badge is the confirmed kills badge.

Runner Up #2:
 By. ViennaKiss

While killjoys are in 2019, my love of the band & The MCRmy made me make my Killjoy Jacket a bit of MCR history. I tooled the leather with the old school MCRmy logo, the Widow, & my MCRmy name...I added bits that represent pieces of MCR lore: Japanese flag to represent 'SING', a little painted plastic "soldier" that one of the MCRmy kids gave to me, the pins for "I'm Not Okay" and "let's" "dance" (homage to Bowie), the armband--the new version of the old Revenge era armband, etc.
I am very thankful that G, Mikey, & Frank were gracious enough to autograph the back for me...and appreciate The MCRmy so much. 

Nov 29, 2011

NEWS: Gerard Way to be executive producer for LostAlone’s second album

Meet lead singer and guitarist Steven Battelle, Drummer Mark Gibson and bassist Alan Williamson also known as LostAlone, a band My Chemical Romances’ bassist Mikey Way describes as "a little secret; an awesome thing who are starting to connect with people."

The Derby trio have already proved their salt in their home town after selling out their homecoming Christmas show which is landing on the 22nd December.

They are currently recording their second album 'I'm A UFO in This City' the follow up to 2007’s 'Say No to the World', which is due to be released early next year .

With a little help from My Chemical Romances' Gerard Way - executive producer for their second album, they are sure to make a mark in the rock and punk-pop scene.

The band name is a slight contradiction because they are anything but "Lost" or "Alone".

Helping them find their way are producers Jacknife Lee and Greg Wells who between them have worked with Katy Perry, Deftones, Weezer and U2.

Lost Alone are definitely not lonely after playing to huge crowds when supporting 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Enter Shikari and My Chemical Romance.

They have also graced several different stages playing the festival circuit and can put T in the Park, Download and Reading and Leeds festival on the CV.

The band marry together a wall of sound with a distinctive accent driven vocal, they know where they are going and will probably take more than a few people with them.

LostAlone are bringing something a little bit different to the table pinching influences from all over the shop they have forming quite an interesting hybrid sound of punk-pop, classic rock and emo style progressive rock.

They seem as if they have settled more on a style, their earlier music was a little confused making flippant switches from indie to emo punk-pop complete with videos showing Papa Roach style shots of eyeliner wearing solemm looking teens.

LostAlone's new single 'Paradox on Earth', has a seasoning of Queen and seems to flow better and follow a narrative with less erratic genre changes in the song, taking the audience with them rather than confusing them.

It is very clear that they have been influenced by My Chemical Romance as their track off their new album could have easily been a B-Side to a song off of Welcome to the Black Parade.

However, this isn't a bad thing, Gerard must have had a say in their music and has welcomed their slight emulation of the band. The vocals are strong, harmonising is frequent but not tedious. The Derby accents have worked perfectly as they make the vocals stand out and the music more memorable.

Plugging away for over six years, supporting some heavy weights and having some friends in high places they aren't doing too bad for themselves. And with Iron Maidens' Bruce Dickinson supporting them it's sure to win them a few bonus points.


Nov 28, 2011

ARTICLE: New Interview with Frank Iero

2011 marks 10 years since My Chemical Romance formed. People first started taking notice when the band released their 2004 major label debut, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge but their 2006 concept album The Black Parade really put them on the map. 2010 saw the band release their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, taking their sound in a new direction. Next year My Chemical Romance will be hitting our shores as a part of the Big Day Out as well as playing a string of headlining sideshows. Before the band begin preparing for the tour, guitarist Frank Iero sat down for a chat with Kill Your Stereo to discuss picking set lists, their next album and exploding sinuses.

Nov 25, 2011

SCANS: X-PRESS Magazine, Issue 1293 (Nov 2011)

for full size scans, click below:

check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

Nov 24, 2011

PHOTO: MCR fan tattoo

ARTICLE: My Chemical Romance's Frank Iero: The Ten Greatest Punk Albums of all Time

Nov 23, 2011

NEWS: New Blog Post from Frank

iUno Ano, Mucho Dangeroso!

Jeez, time flies friends. Where did the hours go? One year ago today Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released into the world. I honestly cant believe its already been a year. I must say a year into any of our other records and it felt like we wrote the songs a lifetime ago... But with this one it kinda still feels brand new somehow. I dont know how to explain it. But maybe thats a testament to the way we feel about this record. I dont think every stone has been unturned with this one yet.

The great thing about records is they dont die, they age. Some gracefully like a fine wine, and others just wrinkle and wither. Only time reveals a records true inner beauty. Time spent together, getting to know one another, falling in love... In love with it's imperfections. This year has been a journey for us, and for you all. Together we have made new friends and lost old ones. We have celebrated and cried. Made love and waged war. We have grown as people and found our true selves along the way. We've traveled many miles and eventually found our way back home. We have lived the most dangerous of days to the fullest and more times than not, come out on top.

All of us are forever endebted to our incredible support systems. The ones that have been there from the beginning, and would never turn their backs. It is because of you that we have found the incredible strength inside to be ourselves, and to ultimately not give a shit what anyone thinks.

We are anxiously looking forward to contaminating Australia with you next year. But until then live dangerous, be yourselves, and dont ever give a fuck.



NEWS: My Chemical Romance featured on the tracklist of Bob Dylan tribute album ‘Chimes of Freedom’.

My Chemical Romance featured on the tracklist of Bob Dylan tribute album ‘Chimes of Freedom’.

The tracklist for the upcoming massive four-disc, 75-track Bob Dylan tribute album Chimes of Freedom has been revealed, and Disc 3 Track 11 is MCR with "Desolation Row" (Live)


Nov 22, 2011

MERCH - "Party Poison" Tee designed by Gerard Way avail @masscanvas + video


by Gerard Way

$5 of each of this T-shirt sold will go to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Artwork by Gerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance and comic book writer and illustrator. The tee depicts Party Poison, Gerard Way's alter-ego as a rebel "Killjoy" taking on the evil corporate goons at Better Living Industries in post-apocalyptic California in 2019. Drawn for MASScanvas on paper using pencil and ink, then digitized into a 10-color artwork for T-shirt printing. Watch the video of Gerard drawing the artwork at:

Sizes - Men S-2XL
           Women S-XL


Gerard Drawing the Party Poison Tee 


Nov 20, 2011

NEWS: My Chemical Romance Australian Tour 2012 - Big Day Out Slideshows

New Jersey pop punk quartet My Chemical Romance have announced some Australian tour dates while they’re out here for the Big Day Out 2012 line-up. The band will be bringing their popular World Contamination tour to our shores in January.

 Now celebrating 10 years as My Chemical Romance, they broke out of the Jersey punk underground with 2002 debut I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love, then 2004’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, before heightening the drama with 2006’s game-changing rock opera The Black Parade.

Just when fans thought they couldn’t take it any further, 2010’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys created a whole new world: a dystopian, disco-punk future where life is short, cars are fast, and where a raised voice is a lost soul’s best defence.

 Still, no matter how much changes for singer Gerard Way, guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro, and bassist Mikey Way, one thing remains true – The bond between them and their fans is one of those phenomena that outsiders just don’t get.

My Chemical Romance Australian Tour 2012 – Big Day Out Sideshows

Tuesday, 24 January, 2012
Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Tickets available from: Ph: 1300 762 545 &

Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Friday, 27 January, 2012
Tickets available from: Ph: 132 849 &

Festival Hall, Melbourne
Tuesday 31 January, 2012
Tickets available from: Ph 136 100 &

My Chemical Romance will also be appearing on the Big Day Out 2012 line-up.


PHOTOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/28/11

more photos below:

Nov 19, 2011

STORE: My Chemical Romance Blade Runner Slim-Fit T-Shirt avail @ Hot Topic

My Chemical Romance Blade Runner Slim-Fit T-Shirt

This t-shirt features four knives with a My Chemical Romance logo.
100% Pre-shrunk cotton
Wash cold, dry low
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$20.50 - $24.50

Nov 18, 2011

PHOTO: Candid - Old Pic

(from the archives) Adam, Frank and G-Way. Sacramento CA Warped Tour 2004

STORE: Americana Custom Hoodie, Pill Hoodie & Mousekat Tote Now Available

Straight from the Spring 2011 tour!
Custom allover print American flag style zip up hoodie with the American Widow graphic on the back. Also has MCR sewn on patch on the front side of the hoodie
Sizes XS - XXL
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From the Spring 2011 Tour.
Black zip up hoodie with MCR printed on the front right, the "Pill" graphic printed on the back.
Sizes XS - XXL
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Straight from Tour!
Black canvas tote bag featuring the "Mousekat" graphic.
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NEWS: New blog post from Gerard


Nov 17, 2011

STORE: Killjoys Pinup T-shirt

Killjoys Pinup T-shirt 

Straight from the Honda Civic Tour! 

Black slim fit t-shirt featuring the "Killjoys Pinup" graphic.

sizes XS - XL



Nov 13, 2011

NEWS: Gerard Way not dead - False rumors enrage My Chemical Romance fans.

Gerard Way is not dead. False death reports about Gerard Way today are enraging My Chemical Romance fans. Way hasn’t died, and MCR hasn’t send out any tweets about the same. But some individuals have sadly fabricated a false retweet about Way using MCR’s account. Today’s problem suggests a bigger issue with Twitter that the social networking site has yet to, but clearly needs to, address: the use of fake re-tweets by users.

Fans of Gerard Way today are being subjected to the re-tweet controversy that is striking celebrities this month. In recent weeks, some disturbed individuals have been using the “RT” function of Twitter to send out fake death re-tweets about notable celebrities. Sadly the trend hasn’t stopped, but has escalated this November.

The fake celebrity RT controversy stems from Twitter’s ability to insert the letters “RT” and then a username’s account after. For example, someone could write “RT@ladygaga” to suggest that there are re-tweeting a news statement by Lady Gaga written on Twitter. By fabricating, for example, “RT@ladygaga I’m at the supermarket”, other readers may believe that “I’m at the supermarket” was just sent by Gaga. But when the account in the fake re-tweet is a news company, a singer’s musical group, or even their record label, the harm is far worse.

The problem escalated this month after several individuals began using news companies for fake retweet scandal. So, when someone recently wrote to twitter “RT@[news company ] Eddie Murphy is dead”, fans believed that message to be true (which it was not).

Today, Gerard Way fans are being subjected to a new level of trickery. People on Twitter have been fabricating re-tweets of the My Chemical Romance account. 

Fans are furious by the fake death reports.  “What are these reports I’m seeing about Gerard Way?” Another writes “Anybody else hear … about Gerard Way being dead? Anybody else almost have a heart attack?” Other fans are far more skeptical. Several indicate that  this is not the first time for fake death reports for Way. “Honestly he’s “died” so many times already. Come on people quit it already.” Many fans, however,  want to know the culprit behind the false reports. “Who the … has said that Gerard Way is dead? It’s not funny at all.”


Nov 8, 2011

VOTE: Vote for My Chem in the 2011 AP Reader's Poll!

Well, it's hard to believe, but it's already that time of year: the autumnal equinox has passed, we're scheming ideas for a killer (pun intended) Halloween costume, making our holiday shopping lists and—most importantly—counting up the things that ruled hard (and maybe missed the mark) in all things music this year. We wanna know if your opinions match up with ours! Especially because we need you, dear reader, to pick the Band Of The Year for 2011. Take a few moments to fill out this brief survey and let us know what was ruling your music service of choice and what music trends you hope to see die out along with Father Time come Jan. 1, 2012. We take your opinions seriously, so let us know what you think—we're counting on you!

Vote here

SCANS: New (Old) scans [ NME ]

5 more full-sized scans from this magazine, click below:

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Nov 7, 2011

SCANS: New (Old) scans [ Metal Hammer, Rolling Stone, NME, Blunt ]

full size image, click below:

(this was actually a pic in a section called "Covers we should have done")
for more full sized images from this issue, click below:

full sized scan, click below:
 for more full-sized scans from this magazine, click below:

check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

VIDEO: Frank

Cracker Barrel, corps paint and my old fried Frank from My Chemical Romance.


Nov 6, 2011

SCANS: New (Old) scans [ Blunt, Entertainment Weekly, Kerrang!, ]

more full-sized scans from this issue, click below:

more full-sized scans from this issue, click below:

more full-sized scans from this issue, click below:

check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

SCANS: New (Old) scans [ Kerrang!, Kerrang! Klassic, NME, People ]

  full-size scan below:

more full size scans from this mag click below
 more full-sized images from this mag click below:

 more full sized images from this mag below:

 full size scan click below:

check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

PHOTOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/28/11

more photos below:

Nov 4, 2011

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance at Voodoo Fest 10/28/11

The Voodoo Experience was the last stop on My Chemical Romance’s 2011 US tour. Their hour long set was a dazzling array of their greatest hits. MCR are experts at being able to command a large stage. In fact, the bigger the stage, the harder they rock. In celebration of Voodoo and Halloween, the band wore medieval costumes that worked well with the red, orange, and yellow lighting. Gerard rightfully fished for positive feedback from the crowd by asking, “Did any other band dress up for you other than the same ‘ol rock ‘n roll shit?” Die-hard MCR fans also noticed that frontman Gerard Way had recently changed his hair color from shocking red to a valiant black color. Closer towards the end of the show, Gerard Way demanded that the stage lights be cut and that the band come in for a huddle. We’ll never know what was discussed, but their energy level increased even more. Gerard had an extra amount of swagger that night as he seductively belted out the “Uh UhUh UhUh” lyrics to the song “Destroyer.” During different moments of the show, Gerard flirtatiously licked his fingers, blew a kiss out into the crowd, and thrashed on the floor. Perhaps spending the summer touring with the boisterous guys of Blink 182 has inspired Gerard to ham it up even more than usual. MCR put on an enthusiastic show at Voodoo and sounded better than ever.
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
Planetary (GO!)
The Kids From Yesterday
Famous Last Words
I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
Our Lady of Sorrows
The Only Hope for Me Is You
Welcome to the Black Parade

source + photos

REVIEW [excerpt]: My Chemical Romance, Soundgarden open 2011 Voodoo Festival

"...My Chemical Romance, whom played an earlier set on the same stage, attracted the younger people in attendance with their popular songs and signature stage presence. The Vettes also performed at the same time as My Chemical Romance, and even though they were on a smaller stage their performance still had the feel of a sold out stadium with audience members singing along word for word with lead singer, Rachel, whom was in costume along with fellow artists."

full article here

PHOTOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/28/11

more photos below:

MERCH - My Chemical Romance Mailbox Girls T-Shirt avail @ Hot Topic

My Chemical Romance Mailbox Girls T-Shirt
20.00 - 22.00
This fitted black tee from My Chemical Romance features a front screen of a desert mailbox shrine.

100% cotton

Wash warm; dry low


Listed in junior sizes XS - XL


PHOTO: Candid - Mikey & Ray at Super Mario 3D Land Launch Party in Hollywood

Super Mario 3D Land Launch @Siren Studios, Los Angeles, CA. 11/03

Nov 3, 2011

PHOTOS: Candids - Frank & a fan in Target

"Met Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance in Target. He was with his wife and twins. He was so nice :) but he failed at trying to take a picture of us with my phone haha."


VIDEOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, LA - 10/28/11















PHOTOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/28/11

more photos below:

Nov 2, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recap - Voodoo Festival 2011

by mnkyjnkieang

This is not a review of the My Chem performance at Voodoo Experience 2011. I don't write reviews. This is just me spilling my thoughts about my first My Chem concert. It might be coherent. If so it's by no means because I was coherent.

FRANK. I'll never look at Frankie the same way again. Not much interaction with the audience that I recall, but I was distracted. He was blissed out, in his own little world - not that this comes as a surprise. A beautiful sight. His love for the music, for playing, is fucking sexy. He's so THERE. So energetic. Yes, ngl, I think Frank is hot. But he's still not my favorite. Sorry.

RAY. He is also in his own little world when he plays. I don't recall him looking directly at the audience. Hell, I don't recall him looking away from his guitar. He is phenomenal - and not just his thighs. A security guy gave me one of Ray's picks. NGL. That made me fangirl. RayMotherfuckingToro, bitches!

PHOTOS: Voodoo Experience 2011 - City Park - New Orleans, Louisiana - 10/28/11

more photos below: