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Aug 30, 2012

REVIEW: Deadmau5 And Gerard Way Duke It Out In 'Professional Griefers'

Their new video is quite possibly the most artful assault to the senses in recent memory ... if not of all time.

Deadmau5 and My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way go head-to-head in the new video for "Professional Griefers," a clip that goes out of its way to be, well, really griefy.

For the uninitiated, the term "Griefer" refers to the folks in multiplayer video games who deliberately harass other players in the game, usually in the most annoying ways possible (verbal insults, intentionally killing other players, siding with the enemy, crashing servers, etc.). They are basically the bane of the video game universe, bold and brash and unapologetic about their actions. And this video — from Deadmau5's upcoming Album Title Goes Here, (which, come to think of it, is sort of a Griefer title, at least to copy editors) — is all of those things and then some.

Part "Thunderdome," part "Robot Jox," the video is basically one long, muscled-up UFC nightmare (props to the actual UFC for playing along), all testosterone and pyro and whirling, headache-inducing technological mega-babble. The 'mau5 and Way face off for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world, only they don't battle it out in the octagon. Instead, they pilot massive mau5-headed machines that crash and bash while throngs of spectators — and one terrifically testosteroned ring announcer — cheer them on.

The clip is unabashedly huge and unapologetically over-the-top, seemingly delighting in offending the senses and tweaking our current hyper-saturated society, one that shows no signs of de-caffeinating anytime soon. Of course, one can logically assume all of this was intentional ... after all, both Deadmau5 and Way are clever guys, so part of the delight in watching the clip comes from realizing that they're both in on the joke. Sparks fly, biceps flex, steel shatters and both men try their very best to hide wry smiles throughout. Most of the time, they actually succeed.

And while it may seem that highlighting the sheer spectacle of the clip would be playing directly into its hands, there's a genuine, visceral thrill in watching something this massive, this loud, this deliberately cloying. In a way, it's positively brilliant: "Professional Griefers" is intentionally thumbing its nose at the way videos are made today, and it's doing so in the most blatant way possible. You can call it social commentary if you'd like (and you probably should), but there's a pretty good chance your voice would be drowned out in the din. The era of subtlety is over, after all, and the only way to get your point across is to shout it as loudly as possible and with as much pyro as you can possibly pack. Welcome to the age of the Griefer.



Aug 29, 2012

NEWS: FrankenWeenie Unleashed! Soundtrack

VIDEO: deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way - Professional Griefers (Official Video)

The official music video for "Professional Griefers" deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way

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Aug 27, 2012

VIDEO: My Chemical Romance release “pop-up” version of “Sing” music video

My Chemical Romance's video for "Sing" is the latest to be featured on VH1's Pop Up Video. The band's latest album, Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, is available now.

VIDEO - The 'Professional Griefers' Fight Preview

Video premiers 08.29.12 at

Aug 25, 2012

ARTICLE [excerpt]: Five American Acts Who Were Bottled At British Festivals

"I include this only because it seems Reading and Leeds festival is getting an unfair reputation as being the place where everyone goes to throw stuff at bands. Actually, it is, but so is Download, as this remarkable footage of My Chemical Romance’s headline slot shows. This was the year they were touring their breakthrough album “The Black Parade,” and thus were at something of a peak in their global popularity. It did not save them."

read full article here

REVIEW: deadmau5 "Professional Griefers" Featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

 "Professional Griefers" the first single from "> album title goes here <" (yes, that's the title), launches with a calculated synth from deadmau5 that's as danceable as it is divinely dark. As the sound swells into a bouncy bass groove and stomping beat, he masterfully moves everything into electro rock territory with an impressive, infectious, and inimitable cameo from My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way.

However, this isn't your daddy's dance floor banger or rock anthem. deadmau5 drives this ship into a new realm altogether where shimmering, shiny keys cascade and collide with subtle distortion and bouncy beats.

Over this intriguing sonic backdrop, Way sounds utterly pristine and powerful. He struts through the production with his signature sharp musings on "Girls with guns on LSD", "Teenage girls with ESP", "Boys with bombs in NME". Once again, he dissects culture with the prose of a true poet and the panache of a rock god. Plus, his voice couldn't be more heavenly and hypnotic here with a punk-y vitriol thrown in for good measure.

"Professional Griefers" sees electronic and rock music merge like never before. It's seamless, and it's too good for a title. Just kick back and enjoy deadmau5 and Gerard Way reinventing the game for everyone to follow.


Aug 24, 2012

ARTICLE: Deadmau5 and Gerard Way Face Off in Ultimate Fighting

 The 'Professional Griefers' collaborators reveal promo posters

When it came time to debut the video for his high-octane single "Professional Griefers," Deadmau5 knew where to turn: the equally aggressive world of ultimate fighting.

On September 1st, Deadmau5 will unveil his clip during the UFC Jones vs. Henderson pay-per-view match. It features the recent Rolling Stone cover star locked in a futuristic gladiatorial bout with his guest vocalist, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. True to form, both combatants control over-sized, CGI "mau5" robots.

Read more:

Aug 23, 2012

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes: deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way "Professional Griefers"

Behind the Scenes: deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way "Professional Griefers" Video Shoot from Ultra Music Video premiers 08.29.12

PHOTO: Deadmau5 vs. Gerard Way "Professional Griefers" promo

The official video for "Professional Griefers" by deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way will be released on August 29!

Aug 22, 2012

ARTICLE - Deadmau5 Talks His Organic Collaboration With My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way

During an exclusive interview with KROQ jock Stryker, EDM superstar Deadmau5 talked about his recent collaboration with My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, the song “Professional Griefers,” and how it came together organically.

“I haven’t really known him that long in the way that I’d like to say, ‘I know that guy,’” Deadmau5 said regarding his relationship with the MCR singer. “I don’t 100 percent know Gerard or where his head’s at, but I like where it’s going. I kind of connected with him on the level that he’s almost in the same position I am. He’s amid a sea of emo rock bands, you know what I mean? I’m in the middle of a sea of DJs and stuff like that, so we both had that connection. I felt it was a kind of cool collab, because we could both break out of that entirely and just do this one thing that was like our forces combined.”

The collaboration was also unique in that unlike most superstar pairings, Deadmau5 and Way worked on the song together in a California recording studio as opposed to just sending digital files to each other over the internet.

“We worked at a friend of his’ studio here in L.A.,” Deadmau5 explained to Stryker. “If he did something wrong…or not wrong, but something that we could bitch about to each other to fill the day,” he elaborated about the recording process. “It was right then and there. He could just go back into the little mic room there and scream away. That’s a unique opportunity you get between two artists on that level. I like that, and I think I want to do more of that, not necessarily with him, but with other people I enjoy doing things with.”

“Professional Griefers” is the first single from the forthcoming Deadmau5 full-length release, Album Title Goes Here, set for release on September 25.


VIDEO: Sneak Peek: BTS Professional Griefers Video Shoot

Get Professional Griefers ft. Gerard Way instantly when you pre-order new album on iTunes: 

Video premiers 08.29.12 at

PHOTO: Candid - Gerard with Rick Dees (old pic, Dees just posted it 08/20)

"It was a great day when Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance stopped by the studios to visit Rick. What an amazing performer he is." - source

Aug 15, 2012

PHOTO: New (old) pic of Gerard

"In the process of putting together a new portfolio and have unearthed some lost gems."

VIDEO: My Chemical Romance Secret Studio Visit With Guitar Tech. Punk Rock Dave

Punk Rock Dave (Dave Lapham) guitar tech for My Chemical Romance invited us for a visit to the secret MCR studio. He has much love and respect for the Bullet coily due to the many years of use on the road.

Dave is currently in the studio with MCR. He has been the tech for Jerry Cantrell, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Distillers, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bronx, Eagles of Death Metal, Chris Cornell.

VIDEO: 'American Idol' Tour 2012 choose "Sing" by My Chemical Romance for the opening group number

'American Idol' Tour 2012 in Denver 07/15/12

Aug 10, 2012

PHOTOS: Candids - Gerard Way at Mixtape LA Gallery opening

Gerard Way scheduled to be a guest at MorrisonCon in September

Gerard Way is confirmed to be a special guest at MorrisonCon, a "once-in-a-lifetime" comic book event/convention Sept 28-30th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

According to the MorrisonCon website,

"MorrisonCon features a hand-picked collection of the industry's most exciting comic personalities; creators who Grant Morrison and Ignition Sequence find inspirational."

In the list of special guests, it says:

 "Gerard Way began his artistic career after graduating from New York's School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999. He is the front man and a founding member of the heralded rock band MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. Way is also the creator and author of the 2008 Eisner Award Winning graphic novel series, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, published by Dark Horse and recently optioned by Universal Pictures."

More info will be released soon, tickets can be purchased here


Aug 1, 2012

VIDEO: From the Vault: My Chemical Romance

Did you know the Virgin Mary inspired an album title? Or that Gerard doesn't like sleeping naked? Look back on Fuse's best MCR interviews to refresh your band knowledge Fuse has been keeping up with My Chemical Romance since their wee beginnings – before they ever played Madison Square Garden, or even had a headlining tour. They've filled us in on the details of all their iconic music videos, revealed their biggest inspirations behind The Black Parade (including The Doors, Queen, Pink Floyd and The Beatles) and opened up about the growth and evolution of the band's sound. So step back to 2004 and take a peek at old-school My Chemical Romance in this episode of From the Vault. source

SCANS: Kerrang! #1426

for full sized images, click below:
KERRANG! #1426

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ARTICLE:MCR's Gerard Way teams up with Deadmau5 for new dance track

My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way has collaborated with Deadmau5 on a new dance single.

'Professional Griefers', credited to Deadmau5 featuring Gerard Way, will be released on mau5trap/Parlophone on September 2.

The track features Way on vocals and a chorus of "Just give me a life, to plea/Another world outside that's full of/All the awful things that I made".

When the track first appeared online in March, neither Deadmau5 nor Way claimed credit for it. However, it is now getting an official release and an "epic" promo video will be unveiled next month (August).

'Professional Griefers' is not the first excursion into the rock world for Deadmau5. In February, the Canadian dance producer - real name Joel Zimmerman - took to the stage with Foo Fighters at the Grammy Awards.

Deadmau5 is currently midway through a European festival tour which has already included appearances at RockNess and Radio 1's Big Weekend, as well as a headline slot at London's Wireless Festival on July 6. He will return to the UK for a set at Creamfields on August 26.

Way and My Chemical Romance are currently recording a follow-up to their last album, 2010's 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys'.


PHOTOS: Inside the Studio

'Thank you Langevin"- Doug McKean - Twitter

"Six million ways to die, choose one." - Doug McKean - Twitter

"Never leave the studio and you won't miss any of the music." - Doug McKean - Twitter

  "Getting ready for guitar overdubs" - Doug McKean - Twitter

“If you only knew what this sounded like!” - Doug McKean - Twitter