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Feb 29, 2012


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Feb 25, 2012

PHOTO: Mikey Way

Jacket for by for those with discerning taste and Herculean arms


PHOTO: Gerard Way (New)

SCANS: New (Old) Scans - Kerrang! #1395 & Kerrang! #1360

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SCANS: Coup de Main - Autumn 2012

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PHOTOS: Candids - MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE 2012 Big Day Out photo diary!

Dear friends, what follows is a few weeks of our lives in digital form. These photos were taken between the days of January 17th 2012 and February 6th 2012, as we toured the great lands of New Zealand and Australia respectively. As brothers we roamed these grand terrains. Friends were made, enemies slain, pie faces devoured with a quickness and fury. We are better men because of these (mis)adventures, but i must warn you... some of these images cannot nor will not be unseen.
enjoi at your own risk.

 no worries. xofrnk

See the rest of the pics here 

Feb 24, 2012

PHOTOS: Candids - Frank @ Sea World

Rock and Roll Star Sighting!

Even Frank Iero, guitarist for the band “My Chemical Romance,” had to admit that super star “Clyde the Sea Lion” is one very loud singer. Besides hamming it up with Clyde at Sea Lion and Otter Stadium, the rocker and his family also met flamingos, dolphins and penguins during their visit to the park!

PHOTO: MCR & Ricky Rebel


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Feb 20, 2012

PHOTO: Candid - Gerard Way with fan

PHOTO: Magazine Preview

Here's a preview of the tour diary that My Chemical Romance have put together from their latest BIG DAY OUT OFFICIAL adventures exclusively for Coup De Main ♥ look out for all 30 photos in the next issue of our digital magazine OUT THIS FRIDAY, FEB 24TH!

Feb 17, 2012

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Feb 15, 2012


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Feb 10, 2012

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance, Closure in Moscow @ Festival Hall, Melbourne (31/01/2012)

My Chemical Romance’s return to Australia has been a long and tiresome wait. After dropping off the Soundwave 2010 line-up, the bands return thanks to the saving grace of Big Day Out sees them armed with a whole fourth album of new material.

   When I was 16 years old, I loved The Black Parade. Just like Green Day’sAmerican Idiot, it was an album that demanded repeat listens. They were a band I loved immensely. Now, I’m 21. My music taste has varied far and wide, and I can’t say that I’ve really listened to My Chemical Romance in a very, very long time. After missing the past two tours in Melbourne, I was looking forward to finally catching My Chemical Romance at their own headline show.  

Walking into Festival Hall, we’re greeted by a sea of teenagers dressed to resemble the various ‘eras’ of MCR’s career. From the eyeliner, marching suits and black skinny jeans of The Black Parade to hyper dystopian future played out in Danger Days, it’s very clear that MCR’s fans are dressed and dedicated beyond belief. 

   Melbourne rockers Closure In Moscow open the night’s proceedings; greeted with cheers that could almost suggest they’re the headline act. Closure in Moscow are a band I catagorise as ‘hit and miss.’ Their strengths lie in their instrumental work, brilliant progressive rock that ignites the senses. It’s unfortunate that their vocalist, Christopher de Cinque lacked the charisma or the charm tonight to win over members of the crowd. It took him a total of four times to have the front of the mosh contribute to a song, and the result was mediocre at best. His on stage persona was overly dramatic, almost as if he wanted to ‘up stage’ Gerard Way. It’s a pity that such a performance was overly noticeable, because it really distracted from the brilliant instrumental work of his band mates. 

   As My Chemical Romance hit the stage, unsurprisingly the screams from the crowd break the sound barrier. The pre-recorded Danger Daysintro allows the band to quickly arrive on stage before launching into Na Na Na (etc), the floor shaking from the stomps of hundreds of feet. Thankyou For The Venom was a surprising early addition, but the gig really felt like it hit its peak during the performance of Mama.

   Throughout the middle section of the set, I found myself experiencing mixed emotions towards the music. The bands latest material such asDESTROYA and Summertime feels completely uninspired, almost to the point of being forced. It’s contrived and a bit narcissistic, a shadow of the bands excellent earlier work. Most post-post-modern 'punk' (and I use that term lightly) rock fans would agree that The Black Parade and particularly Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge are excellent albums, even Vampires Will Never Hurt You and Our Lady Of Sorrows get a special performance. But whenever MCR play material from Danger Days, I feel lost. In a confusing audible mess, the noise bleeds with feedback and I can’t for the life of me distinguish which song is which. Thankfully, the set list is balanced and allows for such past brilliance like Cemetary Drive and Give ‘Em Hell, Kid to shine through the cracks in the set. Unlike Danger Days, these tracks are catchy with unique hooks and riffs that defined a sub-genre of punk for a generation of new fans. It goes without saying that Teenagers went completely off, shaking Festival Hall back to its original foundations.

   The highlight of the night comes in the three part finale of the main set; Helena, Welcome To The Black Parade and Cancer. The three songs compliment each other in the live atmosphere, and the entire crowd sings along in unison. Welcome To The Black Parade has become MCR’s anthem, and as the fans stood proud and sung along, you could feel the patriotism in the air. As the band leave the stage, you know the encore is going to be something truly special considering a fare share of key tracks have yet to make an appearance.

   Being the final headline show of the Danger Days world tour, Melbourne were treated to an impromptu performance in the encore of SING, while I’m Not Okay (I Promise) was an excellent addition to the end of the night. It was great to hear all these songs from my teenage years live, and I admit I sang my heart out during Famous Last Words.

   A major criticism of the night was the amount of injured fans crying or even being treated by ambulance officers after the show. The all ages limit on the floor was an incredibly bad move, especially given the mid teen age of most fans. Realistically, this was a lot of fans first MCR concert and perhaps even their first concert experience. Either the fans need to look out for one another in the mosh pit, or more needs to be done to ensure their safety.

   While the nostaliga of the performance hit every note, I feel that the stark contrast between the bands earlier work and Danger Days is stifling. This being said, I went into this gig seeking to find nostalgia, and it was a lot of fun to return to a musical phase in my life, perhaps even giving it a bit of closure. While I’m no member of The Black Parade, or a Killjoy; MCR do know how to put on a show that entertained their fans and would have left even the most dispassionate of music critic with a tap in their footstep while leaving the venue.


PHOTOS: Candids

Feb 8, 2012

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SCANS: Kerrang! #1401

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ARTICLE: Gerard Way: I'll never leave MCR

Gerard Way can 'never leave or escape' My Chemical Romance.

The musician is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the alternative rock band from New Jersey. The group are currently in the process of writing material for a new album following the success of their fourth studio record, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Gerard says My Chemical Romance are more motivated than ever.

'Fantastic,' he exclaimed when asked to sum up the feeling in the group.

 'Going on ten years now we love being in the band. It's something you can never leave or escape or get away from, and that's a great thing.'

Gerard has enjoyed penning ideas for tracks while touring. The star has felt more creative as he's learnt to cope with stress better.

'The cool thing is we've spent a lot of time writing new material on the road this time. We didn't do that before Danger Days...' he said.

'I think [it's down to] just not being burnt out. Really enjoying and reconnecting with making music again, just being inspired, whereas after [third album] Black Parade we weren't inspired to do much at all besides disappear.'


VIDEOS: Big Day Out - Victoria Park - Perth, Australia - 02/05/12









PHOTOS: Big Day Out - Victoria Park - Perth, Australia - 02/05/12

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VIDEO: My Chemical Romance Talk Glee And The Big Day Out

We chat to Mikey and Gerard from My Chemical Romance!

Feb 7, 2012

ARTICLE: My Chemical Romance Guitarist Ray Toro Comments on 'Emo' Label

My Chemical Romance guitarist: ‘The emo tag doesn’t bother us as much as it did in the past’

With their theatrical stage shows and neo-goth appearance, My Chemical Romance went from the East coast underground scene to the vanguard of alternative rock in the 2000s. From the get-go, the band took on the “emo” label, but guitarist Ray Toro says that wasn’t in the plan.

“The emo tag doesn’t really bother us as much as it did in the past,” Toro told “As we’ve developed as a band that charge has really gone away to the point where it only creeps up now and then. I think what was really frustrating though was that the tag itself was really indefinable – we kept getting called something that to us made no sense whatsoever… “

His playful “revenge” on the critics who wanted to slap My Chemical Romance with the “emo” stigma is the band’s longevity. “Our revenge on all those journalists and commentators who wanted to call us ‘emo’ as if to suggest we were a band that teenagers liked for a couple of months, was to survive and carry on making good records and playing good shows,” he said. “And in doing that we’ve not only kept fans who have been with us from the beginning, but we’ve made new fans with each record; fans that appreciate us for a range of different reasons.”

 If Toro were to coin My Chemical Romance one particular genre, would it be punk revival, alternative indie, post-hardcore or punk-pop? His answer: None of the above. “This is going to sound so clichéd and I don’t want to offer up platitudes, but I’ve always felt that we are one of those bands that doesn’t fit into the traditional categories that people use to describe heavy music,” he explained. “When we first started writing songs, we decided that we didn’t want to have boundaries and that’s why you’ll hear everything from a straight punk rock song right through to big emotional ballads like ‘Sing’… If a song sounds good we’ll use it and think about what genre it fits into later.”


VOTE: Gerard Way for 'Hottest Male'; MCR for 'Moment of the Year' & the MCRmy for 'Best Fan Community' in 2012 NME Awards

Hottest Man
Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance
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Music Moment of the Year
My Chemical Romance and Brian May @ Reading 
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Best Fan Community
My Chemical Romance
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VIDEO: My Chemical Romance

Frank and Ray from emo superstars My Chemical Romance chat about superfans, right-wing attacks, concept albums and more.

My Chemical Romance essentially defined theatrical emo in 2006 with their The Black Parade album, the involved story of which rocketed them to global stardom.

Since, they delivered concept album number two in 2010 album Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys, and they talk to Noise11 about the producing of that album, steering away from more themed albums, fan loyalty, their Glenn Beck attack, and grappling with the ethics of endorsement.


Feb 4, 2012

PHOTOS: Big Day Out - Adelaide Showgrounds - Adelaide, Australia - 02/03/12

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REVIEW: My Chemical Romance At Festival Hall In Melbourne

What happened to all the emos? Remember when they were everywhere? Well it seems they grew up, and last night plenty of former emos were out in full force at My Chemical Romance's Melbourne Big Day Out sideshow.

 While there weren't many black side fringes or heavy male eyeliner, there was a decent number of girls with pink hair and plenty of tight jeans. And they were all ready to see one thing -- MCR. You know the crowd are excited when people are getting pulled out of the mosh pit by security guards before the band has even hit the stage.

 We were all a little bit confused when the lights dimmed and a young boy appeared on stage. But he received a massive cheer when he started to talk about the nicest guys he's ever met -- My Chemical Romance. He introduced the band, and the crowd was ready to rock.

 They kicked things off with 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' to the sound of absolutely deafening screams. The crowd on the floor were having the time of their lives. People were crowd surfing from pretty much the moment the boys hit the stage. There was some pretty energetic mosh dancing/fighting going on (is that a thing?), and everyone's arms were going crazy in time with Gerard's movements.

 There was a good mix of MCR classics like 'Teenagers' and 'Welcome To The Black Parade', as well as plenty of tracks from their most recent album 'Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoy'.

Gerard is the type of frontman who really enjoys performing for a crowd. He's not the depressed stereotypical singer of an emo band that you might have expected to see five years ago. He is energetic, charismatic, and loves his fans.

It was all over too soon. My ears are still ringing today -- My Chemical Romance definitely know how to put on a good show.

I give this concert 8 emo fringes out of 10.


REVIEW: My Chemical Romance’s epic Melbourne gig

My Chemical Romance @ Festival Hall
January 31, 2012
Review by Jordana Borensztajn

  When a hard rock band gets an 8-year-old boy to introduce them on stage at the beginning of their highly anticipated Big Day Out sideshow, it's clear the band's heart and soul goes well beyond album sales and platinum achievements.

The My Chemical Romance lads gave diehard Melbourne fans exactly what they were after last night at Festival Hall; a dramatic and high-energy performance packed to the brim with an assortment of the group's best tracks from their rich catalogue of records.

In what was announced as the band's final headlining show of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro held absolutely nothing back.

Opening with the first single off Danger Days, "Na Na Na", the tone of the gig was set in motion from the very beginning: intense, fast-paced and incredibly emotional.

"What a beautiful night. It's good to f**king be here Melbourne. Let's have a good f**king time tonight," Gerard blurted out to thousands of fans crammed inside the classic Melbourne music venue.

Over the last decade, the MCR lads have been busy learning; about their instruments, about their passions and about each other. Above all, they have learnt how to reinvent their wheel in a way that will keep both them and their fans engaged and wanting more.

MCR made a huge transition from The Black Parade to Danger Days. The quartet moved from a dark, morbid and reflective delivery to a more dynamic, fast-paced and intense party album. Last night it became obvious why Danger Days was such an important album in MCR’s music development.

After being bound by heavy physical and emotional restrictions though The Black Parade, Danger Days has provided the group with much-needed physical, spiritual and emotional freedom. And a bloody awesome party vibe.

"This is the very last headlining show in the entirety of Danger Days... The rest of the week well be baking in the hot f**king sun," Gerard said. "We wanna thank you guys so much for f**king waiting for us. Seriously -- f**king thank you."

Some of last night's highlights include the fast-paced and colourful rendition of "Planetary (GO!)", the band's memorable performance of "Mama" which came with a twist; a circus-theme and sensitive touch gave the track the perfect dose of irony, and the extended instrumental section in "The Only Hope For Me Is You" highlighted the track’s heart, adding layers and layers to its already very emotional messages.

Other highlight songs included "Teenagers", through which the crowd's sing-along lead almost every chorus line, "Helena", a fresh and funked-up version of "Welcome to the Black Parade", a stunning, stripped-back version of "Cancer" which featured just Gerard and a piano player, and of course "I'm Not Okay", "The Kids From Yesterday" and "Famous Last Words".
"They say rock and roll is dead.... but it seems My Chemical Romance will last forever,” Gerard screamed at the crowd. “F**king cockroaches in this room."
Last night, MCR took fans on a wild journey and performed every track as though it was their very first time on stage. Gerard embodied characteristics that all admirable frontmen should possess; charisma, attitude, sex appeal and bravado.

The New Jersey lads showed Aussie fans why they've lasted for 10 impressive years -- and why they've no doubt got another strong decade lying ahead of them.

Come back soon MCR!

Feb 3, 2012

ARTICLE: Bring It On! 5 Awesome Cheerleader Videos [excerpt]


 Cheerleaders -- in gas masks? My Chemical Romance must be involved! The Jersey alt-rockers populated the video for their 2007 single with out-of-control teens and beautiful ladies who head-bang instead of root, root, root for the home team.

read full article here

ARTICLE: My Chemical Romance Building Studio To Record New Album

My Chemical Romance revealed that they are building an entire studio to avoid the time constraints the usually encounter when recording an album and spoke about the direction their fifth LP is taking.

My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero and Ray Toro recently spoke with Noise 11 about the follow-up to their 2010 album "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Lives Of Killjoys". Toro revealed that the band was building a studio to facilitate the recording of their next album and explained the decision:

 "Back in L.A. we just got a studio so we’re kind of building that out and basically trying to make a compound where we can be creative and be there whenever we want to be. That’s the tough thing doing records in a cycle and you have three or four months where you have to write and record a record and sometimes that’s tough. You can take longer, but you always feel like there’s something over your head like a time constraint and now we’ll have our own place where we can go and make music 24 hours a day. It’s gonna be great!"

My Chemical Romance’s previous two albums "Danger Days..." and "Welcome To The Black Parade" were both rather large in scope - Frank Iero explained the band’s affinity for the conceptual:

"It can’t just be a collection of songs. It’s never going to be ‘Oh, we had these twelve songs so record it real quick and we’ll put them out!’ I don’t think anyone can really do that these days anymore without some sort of thought or vision behind it. I think the days of just filling the time and putting out a disc is over, and I’m glad, because those are some of my least favorite records. I think [iTunes] is cool. Write a song and then just put it out, I like the immediacy of that, but I’m talking about full albums, it’s no longer a mixtape mentality. There needs to be a reason why there’s twelve songs, or thirteen songs. It’s not like ‘Oh, we have a single so we need ten more fillers to put it out there,’ but for us, we’re fans of the album."

My Chemical Romance will re-team with engineer Doug McKean for the third consecutive album which they are expected to begin recording at some point in 2012. The band contributed a live cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" to the just-released compilation "Chimes Of Freedom: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years Of Amnesty International".


PHOTOS: Big Day Out - Festival Hall - Melbourne, Australia - 01/31/12

more photos click below:

PHOTOS: Candids