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Dec 22, 2011

SCANS: MX CityBeat Magazine (Australia)

for more full sized photos, click below:

 check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

INTERVIEW: Mx City Beat - Chemical Reactions

New interview with Ray Toro 

Passionate fans have the final word on Twitter about the MCR family reunion Down Under

It took only one tweet to send My Chemical Romance fans in the Twittersphere into a spin.

“Interviewing Ray Toro on Friday about MCR’s upcoming Oz tour. Any burning questions you want answered?”.

After all, it had been a year since MCR’s last album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys and lead singer Gerard Way, bass player Mikey Way and guitarists Frank Iero and Toro haven’t had a lot to say since its release, apart from navigating some tricky territory after sacking fill-in drummer Michael Pedicone, who was accused of stealing from the band in September.

So why not get the fans from MCR’s two biggest fan clubs involved? And yes, they did get involved. Within 24 hours the call-out had been retweeted all over the world - from Argentina and Venezuela to Norway and Japan - generating dozens of questions for the curly-haired guitarist. But Toro isn’t surprised by the reaction, saying MCR know they have some of the most passionate fans in the world.

“Oh really, ha!” he says of the response.

“That’s because we have the best fans. It is kinda crazy because we’ve been around about 10 years and the dedication that the fans have for us, still to this day, it’s always super-flattering. And it means a lot that people still care about us and in a way they’re rooting for us.”

And fans certainly have been rooting for them, riding out the lull between the highly acclaimed The Black Parade and Danger Days while the band tried to figure out their new sound.

“We were in a strange spot when we got into the studio to do (Danger Days),” he says. “We’d been working maybe for like, half the year on another collection of songs and as we got closer towards the mixing stage, it didn’t hit us as much as the other records did. So we went back to the drawing board. (Then) the songs kept coming and when songs come fast, you know you’re on to something.”

Toro says the band’s looking to have a good time when they tour Australia for Big Day Out, their last tour before heading back into the studio to write.

“We do love Australia, it’s a no bullshit kind of attitude and people say whatever’s on their minds and that’s a cool thing,” he says.

He’s quick to hose down rumours that tour drummer Jarrod Alexander would be joining the band full-time.

“I think for us, My Chem is just the four guys and it’ll probably be that for the rest of time,” he says.

“We feel like we’ve gotten burned a few times, making wrong decisions with members. We know who the core guys are, who the true family is, and I don’t think we’re really ever going to change that.”

CONTEST: Win A Meet & Greet with My Chemical Romance at Big Day Out

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE are returning to New Zealand - for the first time since their 2007 headlining show at Auckland's Vector Arena - to play the 2012 BIG DAY OUT festival on Friday, January 20th!

To celebrate their return and the very first time that New Zealand will be privy to live performances of songs from our Top Album Of 2011, 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys' - click HERE to read our review - we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an exclusive Coup De Main meet and greet event for a lucky twenty fans attending the 2012 Big Day Out.

 Below, is an empty comic strip for you to complete with your very own imagined Killjoys story, featuring the characters Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid.

Make sure to complete your comic strip by adding your own original prefix to the title - and entries that incorporate 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys' references, are sure to be judged favourably.

Coup De Main will pick our top twenty favourites... then Gerard Way's 'The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys' comic book co-writer SHAUN SIMON - click HERE to read our 2010 interview with him - will select the Top Ten entries, who will each win a double-pass to our My Chemical Romance meet and greet!

Click HERE to save as the template - or on the below thumbnail.
To enter, please print out and mail your original Killjoys comic strip entry with the below entry form [before January 14th, 2012] to: COUP DE MAIN, 120 New North Road, Eden Terrace 1021, Auckland.
Click HERE to save as the entry form - or on the below thumbnail.

 Please note that Saturday, January 14th, will be the very last day that entries received will be eligible to enter this competition. Any entries that arrive later will not be entered - so please allow enough time for your comic strip to arrive. We recommend using a courier service if you have any concerns.


Do I have to use the supplied template?
No - it's supplied as a guideline, but you do have to be able to mail us a print-copy of your comic strip entry.

Am I allowed to enter with a friend?
Yes you may enter as a team of two - each winning comic strip entry will be eligible for two people to attend our meet and greet event.

Can I enter this competition if I don't have a Big Day Out ticket?
No - only Big Day Out ticket-holders are eligible to enter this competition, as the meet and greet event will take place at Big Day Out 2012.

Am I allowed to have more characters than Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid in my comic?
Yes as many you like - but you must include all of the characters Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid in your comic at least once each.

If you have any other questions you can ask us via FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

Listen to My Chemical Romance bassist MIKEY WAY's message for the band's New Zealand

- Entry is open to New Zealand residents only, except employees of Coup De Main, competition partners and their immediate families.
- The ten winners will be chosen from all eligible entries received by Coup De Main before midnight on January 14th, 2012 - and will be notified on January 18th. The winners are not up for discussion/negotiation. Coup De Main & Shaun Simon's judgement is final. Multiple entries per entrant, will be accepted.
- Prize includes x1 double-pass to the Coup De Main My Chemical Romance meet and greet event to be held at Big Day Out 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand, on Friday January 20th, 2012. Prize does not include tickets to the Big Day Out or transport to and from the Big Day Out.
- Prize package is valid only for the meet and greet event to be held on Friday, January 20th, 2012, and is not transferable or redeemable for cash. Prize winner will be contacted by phone. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to.
- Coup De Main is not responsible for any entries not received for any error, technical malfunction, loss, omission, communications delay or failure. The winner’s name and photos may be used for publicity purposes.
- Coup De Main reserves the right to extend, change or terminate this competition at any time.
- Entry into this competition is deemed acceptance of competition terms and conditions. The winner must be 15 years or over as the Big Day Out is MA 15 and no-one under the age of 15 will be admitted to the Big Day Out.
Show Other Articles From This Author

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Dec 20, 2011

NEWS: My Chemical Romance to release CD/Shirt pack

To co-incide with their appearance on the 2012 Big Day Out and Sideshows, My Chemical Romance will release a limited edition CD/Shirt bundle of their latest single ‘The Kids From Yesterday‘ from their ‘Danger Days…‘ album on January 20th. Packaged in a collectable box, the CD will feature six tracks and the T-Shirt is an Australian exclusive design. All pre-orders will go in the running to win an Epiphone ‘Frank Iero Phantomatic‘ guitar. ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys‘ is also on special prior to the tour, you can pick that up for $9.99 + Free Postage [Here]. Under 18′s tickets have sold out for the bands Brisbane show, 18+ tickets are still available, tickets for Melbourne and Sydney are also selling quickly. See below to see the guitar, competition details, sideshow dates and more.


ARTICLE: Gerard Way Interviews Johnny Galecki in YRB Magazine

Feature: Johnny Galecki    Interview by Gerard Way

Even though he’s still getting laughs out of an audience every week from those turned into his newest TV venture, Johnny Galecki has come a long way from his Roseanne days and shows the world why geek has become the ultimate chic.

When Johnny Galecki was three years old, he knew he wanted to be an actor. Born in Bree, Belgium and later raised in Chicago, this self-proclaimed geek has paved a way for himself within Hollywood on his own terms. After memorable roles in notable films such as Suicide Kings, Bounce and The Opposite of Sex and his portrayal of David Healy on the ever-popular television show Roseanne, Johnny has once again struck a chord on the small screen, keeping millions tuned in each week. Earlier this year, his performance as Leonard Hofstadter – an experimental physicist (whose vulnerability and sweetness has made him alluring to fans) on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory – landed him a Primetime Emmy Awards nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Although the trophy went home with co-star Jim Parsons, the mere nod was a clear indication that there’s a nerd infatuation among the masses.

A chance encounter on the Warner Bros. lot where The Big Bang Theory tapes brought together two different types of talent who have been fans of each other for quite some time. Johnny has been an enormous supporter of My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way – not only for the music, but his writing ability, too. MCR’s lead vocalist and writer of the Eisner Award-winning comic book The Umbrella Academy, is just as familiar with the comedic actor’s body of work and has always wondered what motivates this guy from role to role. On the surface, this may seem like an odd pairing, but when you get to the heart of the conversation you realize that art is art.

PHOTO: Candid - Gerard

NEWS: Coup De Main is Interviewing Mikey Way 12/20

Macy Gray, the Grammy Award-winning soul/R&B singer has just signed with 429 Records and is gearing up for the release of her sixth full-length album. Titled “COVERED”—the album is an all new recording featuring Gray’s inimitable take on pop and rock songs. Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up,” Radiohead’s “Creep,” My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers” and Eurythmics “Here Comes The Rain Again” are a few of the tracks off the album forthcoming in March.

Submit your questions for him,


Dec 19, 2011

NEWS: Macy Gray covers My Chemical Romance "Teenagers" on her upcoming album

Macy Gray, the Grammy Award-winning soul/R&B singer has just signed with 429 Records and is gearing up for the release of her sixth full-length album. Titled "COVERED"—the album is an all new recording featuring Gray's inimitable take on pop and rock songs. Arcade Fire's "Wake Up," Radiohead's "Creep," My Chemical Romance's "Teenagers" and Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again" are a few of the tracks off the album forthcoming in March.

full article here

Dec 18, 2011

Dec 16, 2011

CONTEST: Win an Epiphone Phant-o-matic Designed By Frank & Signed By MCR

Chem fan- a Wilshire Phant-o-matic Epiphone guitar designed by Frank. Learn more about the guitar on All you have to do is send in your favorite memory associated with Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Here's how to enter:
- Register on
- Fill out the form to submit your entry

Some entries may be featured on and!

One fan will be chosen to win the guitar. Limit one entry per person. Contest ends 12/21 at 12 noon PST.

Check out more great info about Frank Iero and his Epiphone Phant-o-matic here Don't forget to check out Frank's feature in the current issue of Guitar World Magazine!


NEWS: Ask My Chemical Romance a Question!

Attention My Chemical Romance fans:

We’ve been given an exciting opportunity to interview My Chemical Romance and, knowing how passionate you guys are (especially the MCRmy!), we’ve decided to let you to do the asking.
If you could ask My Chemical Romance any question, what would it be?

Send us your questions via Facebook or Twitter and we’ll pass the best ones onto My Chemical Romance.

If your question gets answered by the boys then you’ll win a My Chemical Romance CD, poster and most importantly, you’ll be able to strut around with the knowledge that MCR answered YOUR question. Sound good?

We’ll post the answers from My Chemical Romance as soon as we get them.

Good luck!


Dec 15, 2011

Dec 14, 2011

STORE: Danger Days 2012 Calendar Poster

Danger Days 2012 Calendar Poster now available in the My Chemical Romance online store.

INTERVIEW: My Chemical Romance: A decade under the influence

by Poppy Reid

Drug addiction, highway accidents, destroyed instruments, a death hoax and a thieving drummer coloured a tumultuous 2011 for My Chemical Romance. But the band’s silent linchpin, Ray Toro – who plays guitar like Randy Rhoads and sports an afro that has multiple fan-founded Facebook accounts – is celebrating. The year that tested their tenacity more than ever is the same year that marks MCR’s decade anniversary.

“We’ve been through some tough stuff this year,” says Toro. “All those things that happened, you can take it either of two ways: you can let it get you down and defeat you, or you can rise up from it. The cool thing with us is that we’ve always risen. We’re still around now and that’s incredible.”

The most recent hurdle was in September during their US tour with Blink 182 when Michael Pedicone – the fill-in for departed drummer Bob Bryar – was kicked out for stealing and trying to frame a crew member. “We were hurt, we were deeply, deeply hurt and that’s all I’ll say on that,” Toro says dismissively. Adamant that MCR will never add another member, Toro says life post-Pedicone has never been better. “I don’t know what it is but for some reason we’ve just had bad luck, and things right now are easier than when it was just the four of us who started [the band].”

Looking back to when the New Jersey four formed in 2001, just one week after the September 11 attacks, they couldn’t be a less similar group now. In fact, each album release since their story-telling 2002 debut, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love has staged a rebirth where the band has enveloped themselves and their fans in a world of their own making. Since then, MCR have explored the deal with the devil trope (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge), mortality and the afterlife (The Black Parade), and post- apocalyptic totalitarianism in last year’s most ambitious and meticulously-created record to date, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. This high water mark redefined perceptions and created a fresh rallying output for escape-seeking youths while admonishing their connection with the term ‘emo’.
“It felt like a power cleanser,” he says. “We were saying ‘hey, you know it’s okay to wear colour’. Danger Days opened up what people perceive of us, not only the image but also the intent behind the band.

“Ten years in, I feel the band has proven everything we wanted to prove. When we came out with our first record there were a lot of naysayers, people were very quick to lodge us into a genre and give us a timeline, and a date, and a death sentence, rather than connecting to any musical movement.”

MCR were even accused of having a hand in the death of a thirteen-year-old girl from the UK in 2007, who allegedly joined a suicide cult after becoming obsessed with the band. “I feel like those people have been proven wrong, and very wrong,” says Toro. “Out of the last ten years we’re one of the bands that people didn’t think would stick around, that did stick around rather than decide to call it quits.”

To the band, the story-telling and realm creation bundled inside each musical movement is not only an act of catharsis, personifying all they’ve experienced, but is also a method which proves more profitable the more eccentric and intense the concept.

“It’s all about momentum and capitalising on that,” admits Toro. “I guess that’s why we keep changing it up.”
Despite the recording of some demos throughout their tour with Blink, Toro says any agreement on a fifth album concept is a long way off. “I like to use the term ‘flighty’. Our ideas are always all over the place.” One thing he is certain of however, is what it will take to match the more than 4.4 million-selling juggernaut that was Danger Days.

“I know from our past concepts that it’s always going to be more than a record, more than just a collection of songs,” he says. “I dunno, it may be a whole new world or it may tap into stuff we’ve tapped into on prior records... we’re always searching for that next thing.

Dec 13, 2011

SCANS: Frank Iero in Guitar World Magazine

for full sized images, click below:

check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

SCANS: Rave Magazine Dec 2011

for full-sized scans, click below:
check out the most comprehensive MCR magazine collection on the web!

Dec 11, 2011

PHOTO: Frank Iero, for Guitar World magazine.

from justinborucki:

Ok it seems like an ass load of my tumblr followers are  MCR fans. Here is a shot from the”Cracker Barrel” video.  And for those wondering whats going on,  this was shot for Guitar World mag (they ran another look). Frankie told me he always wanted to be photographed in corpse paint. So I said lets do it! Pictured is his new Epipone signature model. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity. So go buy it!

Dec 9, 2011

PHOTO: Yo Gabba Gabba press photo.

AUDIO: Danger Days gave Gerard Way answers he didn't realize he needed

INTERVIEW: Danger Days gave Gerard Way answers he didn't realize he needed

Danger Days didn’t just provide My Chemical Romance with an opportunity to break free from The Black Parade’s heavy rules and restrictions. The freedom the quartet experienced throughout the creative process gave them space to not only reflect on their career, but also gain important insight into fundamental decisions they made along the way. 
Chatting to NovaFM on the phone shortly before dinner, MCR frontman Gerard Way sounded relaxed and reflective and he explained what it was that pushed the band to shift from the darkness of Parade, to the hopeful and spirited Danger Days.

“I think it was a response, even if it was a self-response. And I think it had to exist,” Way, 34, said.

 “It’s as simple as that. It’s what we needed at the time in order to make a new album. It’s what we felt the band needed and I think it’s gonna be looked at later on as a really interesting time in the band’s career."

 Way said the Danger Days process provided him with the opportunity to discover answers he didn’t even realise he was seeking. “I learnt during Danger Days, more than anything else. I even learnt more about The Black Parade through Danger Days which was interesting because I didn’t learn anything about The Black Parade while touring on it,” he said.

“I think I just understood why The Black Parade existed and I took more ownership of it. I was a lot more proud of it. “I learnt why we made some decisions on Danger Days, why we made another record... I just really learnt why.”

In order to give the upbeat, energetic and fast-faced Danger Days tracks the electricity and energy they deserve, MCR’s live shows have taken a huge turn since the band members were last Down Under.

“Ever since the first show (of Danger Days) there has always been this intense party atmosphere. It’s definitely a very different thing,” Way said. “The atmosphere is not created by set pieces anymore. It’s created by the light and all the colours we have on stage – and then the audience,” he said. “It’s a bit more ‘bare bones’ in that way.”

Despite releasing Danger Days more than a year ago, the tracks on their most recent studio delivery haven’t aged over the last 12 months. When you listen to “Planetry (GO!”), “Na Na Na”, “The Kids From Yesterday” and "Party Poison” they sound as energetic and alive as they did when they were unveiled.

“The digital element we’re referencing on Danger Days is directly related to stuff in the 90s, like Chemical Brothers and a lot of British electronic bands,” he explained. “That’s starting to come back now. For this whole culture of kids that missed the rave scene, it’s staring to exist pretty heavily again and I think because that stuff is everywhere now, it’s probably sounding very right now.”

Despite boasting a red-hot fiery hairdo, and appearing as energetic as ever in all of the MCR images and videos we see online, Way admitted that he’s been struggling with the demands of the band’s high-intensity performances.

“I feel our challenge (has been) constantly having energy – like pedal-to-the-medal – all the time,” he explained.

“That was a big challenge this time whereas Parade was less so that, and a bit more reflective –whereas this is more progressive. It’s like eating imaginary speed. So that (has been) a physical and mental challenge every night to do.”

But don’t worry MCR fans, even though Way’s having some issues, he won't go down without a fight.

“The live experience is something that I find physically more demanding as I get older because there is a lot of recklessness involved – and there always has been with the band," he said.
“It’s a very difficult thing to constantly pull off and my threshold for it is lower in terms of how much I can do and how often I can do it... But I can’t not get completely reckless up there and break something. I just can’t not do it.”

MCR last treated Aussie fans to wild Parade gigs back in 2007. Way said the guys were pumped to be heading back for BDO.

"My two favourite festivals have always been Big Day Out and SummerSonic in Japan. The coolest thing about Big Day Out is that it just lasts longer, so you can really build momentum on it. I''m really excited.”

Big Day Out dates and info:


My Chemical Romance with Closure In Moscow sideshows

Tuesday 24th January – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Friday 27th January – The Hordern, Sydney
Tuesday 31st January – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Tickets for all sideshows are on sale now! Click here for info.


Dec 7, 2011

NEWS: My Chem In December’s iTunes

The MCR tracks “Teenagers” and “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” are featured in the December iTunes WeMix where both tracks are specially priced. “Teenagers” will be featured in the Punk Rock WeMix while “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” will be featured in the Workout Songs playlist.


NEWS: Sneak Peek at Mikey Way’s New Squier Signature Bass

My Chemical Romance bassist Mikey Way recently dropped by the Fender Artist Showroom in Burbank, Calif., to check out his new Squier signature bass. Here’s the very first look at what’s coming in 2012 …

NEWS: New Blog from Gerard - YO GABBA GABBA

We love Yo Gabba Gabba. And I love DJ Lance. These are some drawings I did after talking to series creator Christian Jacobs and getting really inspired. We talked a lot about Hoth and we definitely wanted a Yeti. Thanks to James Dewees and the awesome people at YGG, that dream was realized.

Dec 6, 2011

VIDEO: My Chemical Romance perform 'Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You)' on 'Yo Gabba Gabba'

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been sick of Christmas music for weeks now. Sure, ’tis the season and all, but you can only take so many renditions of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” before you have to crank up some Mastodon to wash it all away.

But as My Chemical Romance has proven, there is still room for some new seasonal tunes. The New Jersey band will be appearing on a special episode of psychedelic kids’ show Yo Gabba Gabba!, titled “A Very Awesome Christmas.”

They’ll be performing a tune called “Every Snowflake Is Different (Just Like You),” a bouncy, bombastic little rock tune that wouldn’t have been all that out of place on the band’s woefully underrated 2010 album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
With the band dressed in colorful ski gear, “Every Snowflake Is Different” celebrates uniqueness while also turning up the volume and building a healthy post-emo stomp. You can check out the exclusive video premiere of the band’s performance on the show below.

The Yo Gabba Gabba! episode “A Very Awesome Christmas” airs on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. on Nick, Jr. In addition to My Chemical Romance, the show will also feature guest spots from Tori Spelling, Mark Motherbaugh, Tony Hawk, Cults, Matt Walsh, and Leslie Hall.
Audio download thanks to danger0usdays.