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Jun 25, 2014

VIDEO: Gerard Way at Kerrang! Awards 2014 Red Carpet

Jun 21, 2014

NEWS: Frank Iero Announces Debut Solo Record

Frank Iero, former guitarist of My Chemical Romance, will return with a new album later this year. Staple Records will release‘Stomachaches', the first outing for Frnk Iero And The Cellabration, on August 26.

Iero has written and performed the record solo aside from drums on certain songs by Jarrod Alexander, who also played with My Chemical Romance and recently popped up on Gerard Way’s new single. Iero said:

 “In late 2012 I started to experience an increase in my already painful digestive issues and my creative side started to wither under the weight of not ever feeling well. I turned my basement office into a makeshift studio and every time I felt the pain coming on I’d go downstairs and hammer out an idea. After a few months I started to take a look at what I was making, I had for the first time in my life written a large grip of songs completely alone and without any expectations or plans of what they would be for.

"I’ve always been in bands writing songs with friends in order to play shows or record a future record. But this was different. These songs, they were all mine. They started inside me as these wretched stomachaches and I had to dig them out of me in order to survive. They were my disease and ultimately became my cure. When I finally took a step back and looked at the body of work I had created I began to notice some common threads. The stories told on this record all seem to touch upon a yearning for love and acceptance, and a longing for a place in which you feel you may finally belong. Sometimes finding solace in the realization that you might not in fact belong anywhere, and drawing a certain power from that.”

Iero last surfaced back in December, releasing the two-song 'For Jamia' EP.


Jun 11, 2014

NEWS: Gerard Way premieres new song, “Action Cat”

Former My Chemical Romance frontman and Nicolas Cage enthusiast Gerard Way premiered a new song titled "Action Cat,” on BBC Radio 1 at 2 p.m. EST (5PM PST). Way will appear on BBCR1 with Zane Lowe again tomorrow for an in-studio chat.

 Way will make his live debut as a solo artist at this year's Reading And Leeds festivals. The singer/songwriter recently signed to Warner Bros. Records (the former home of MCR) for the release of his upcoming solo album.


Jun 3, 2014

NEWS: Gerard Way to make live solo debut at Reading and Leeds

Gerard Way will make his live debut as a solo artist at this year's Reading and Leeds festivals, following My Chemical Romance's split last year.

Word of Way's first concerts follows the announcement that he is preparing his first solo album. Earlier this month, he revealed he has signed to Warner Bros Records for a full-length that is "near completion".

"You should expect to hear things in the near future." he said. "I am excited. It's starting again."
A snippet of a song has since appeared on Way's official website, full of distortion, shrieking electric guitars and ferocious drums. It climbs to a cacophonous climax, with vocals hidden in a mash of noise

My Chemical Romance never formally explained their split, stating on their blog, "Like all great things, it has come time for it to end." In a massive, 2,200-word post on Twitlonger, Way insisted "there was no divorce, argument, failure, accident, villain, or knife in the back". But he recalled a New Jersey concert in 2012, where he found himself "acting" on stage. "I never act onstage, even when it appears that I am, even when I’m hamming it up or delivering a soliloquy," he wrote. "[But] suddenly, I have become highly self-aware, almost as if waking from a dream"

 Since My Chemical Romance's five members went their separate ways, Way has stayed busy making comics and even directing an episode of the cartoon The Aquabats! Super Show! "I am continuing full-steam into comics [and] art," he wrote on his blog. But it's interesting that he has chosen to make his live return at Reading/Leeds – a site of both triumph and failure. While My Chemical Romance headlined there in 2011 (with help from special guest Brian May), they were bottled off stage at their first appearance in 2006.

 On Wednesday, Reading and Leeds also announced more than 50 other artists for this year's festivals, which take place 22-24 August. These include We Are Scientists, the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Sigma, Schoolboy Q and Dominique Young Unique


Kerrang! #1520 - The Untold Story of Three Cheers

WORLD EXCLUSIVE – My Chemical Romance: The Untold Story Of Three Cheers, The Album That Saved Your Life.

Ten years ago this week, My Chemical Romance released the album that started a revolution. In an exclusive extract from his new book, Tom Bryant recounts the making of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge…

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