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Feb 4, 2012

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance’s epic Melbourne gig

My Chemical Romance @ Festival Hall
January 31, 2012
Review by Jordana Borensztajn

  When a hard rock band gets an 8-year-old boy to introduce them on stage at the beginning of their highly anticipated Big Day Out sideshow, it's clear the band's heart and soul goes well beyond album sales and platinum achievements.

The My Chemical Romance lads gave diehard Melbourne fans exactly what they were after last night at Festival Hall; a dramatic and high-energy performance packed to the brim with an assortment of the group's best tracks from their rich catalogue of records.

In what was announced as the band's final headlining show of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro held absolutely nothing back.

Opening with the first single off Danger Days, "Na Na Na", the tone of the gig was set in motion from the very beginning: intense, fast-paced and incredibly emotional.

"What a beautiful night. It's good to f**king be here Melbourne. Let's have a good f**king time tonight," Gerard blurted out to thousands of fans crammed inside the classic Melbourne music venue.

Over the last decade, the MCR lads have been busy learning; about their instruments, about their passions and about each other. Above all, they have learnt how to reinvent their wheel in a way that will keep both them and their fans engaged and wanting more.

MCR made a huge transition from The Black Parade to Danger Days. The quartet moved from a dark, morbid and reflective delivery to a more dynamic, fast-paced and intense party album. Last night it became obvious why Danger Days was such an important album in MCR’s music development.

After being bound by heavy physical and emotional restrictions though The Black Parade, Danger Days has provided the group with much-needed physical, spiritual and emotional freedom. And a bloody awesome party vibe.

"This is the very last headlining show in the entirety of Danger Days... The rest of the week well be baking in the hot f**king sun," Gerard said. "We wanna thank you guys so much for f**king waiting for us. Seriously -- f**king thank you."

Some of last night's highlights include the fast-paced and colourful rendition of "Planetary (GO!)", the band's memorable performance of "Mama" which came with a twist; a circus-theme and sensitive touch gave the track the perfect dose of irony, and the extended instrumental section in "The Only Hope For Me Is You" highlighted the track’s heart, adding layers and layers to its already very emotional messages.

Other highlight songs included "Teenagers", through which the crowd's sing-along lead almost every chorus line, "Helena", a fresh and funked-up version of "Welcome to the Black Parade", a stunning, stripped-back version of "Cancer" which featured just Gerard and a piano player, and of course "I'm Not Okay", "The Kids From Yesterday" and "Famous Last Words".
"They say rock and roll is dead.... but it seems My Chemical Romance will last forever,” Gerard screamed at the crowd. “F**king cockroaches in this room."
Last night, MCR took fans on a wild journey and performed every track as though it was their very first time on stage. Gerard embodied characteristics that all admirable frontmen should possess; charisma, attitude, sex appeal and bravado.

The New Jersey lads showed Aussie fans why they've lasted for 10 impressive years -- and why they've no doubt got another strong decade lying ahead of them.

Come back soon MCR!

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