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Aug 25, 2012

REVIEW: deadmau5 "Professional Griefers" Featuring Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

 "Professional Griefers" the first single from "> album title goes here <" (yes, that's the title), launches with a calculated synth from deadmau5 that's as danceable as it is divinely dark. As the sound swells into a bouncy bass groove and stomping beat, he masterfully moves everything into electro rock territory with an impressive, infectious, and inimitable cameo from My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way.

However, this isn't your daddy's dance floor banger or rock anthem. deadmau5 drives this ship into a new realm altogether where shimmering, shiny keys cascade and collide with subtle distortion and bouncy beats.

Over this intriguing sonic backdrop, Way sounds utterly pristine and powerful. He struts through the production with his signature sharp musings on "Girls with guns on LSD", "Teenage girls with ESP", "Boys with bombs in NME". Once again, he dissects culture with the prose of a true poet and the panache of a rock god. Plus, his voice couldn't be more heavenly and hypnotic here with a punk-y vitriol thrown in for good measure.

"Professional Griefers" sees electronic and rock music merge like never before. It's seamless, and it's too good for a title. Just kick back and enjoy deadmau5 and Gerard Way reinventing the game for everyone to follow.


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