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Nov 29, 2011

NEWS: Gerard Way to be executive producer for LostAlone’s second album

Meet lead singer and guitarist Steven Battelle, Drummer Mark Gibson and bassist Alan Williamson also known as LostAlone, a band My Chemical Romances’ bassist Mikey Way describes as "a little secret; an awesome thing who are starting to connect with people."

The Derby trio have already proved their salt in their home town after selling out their homecoming Christmas show which is landing on the 22nd December.

They are currently recording their second album 'I'm A UFO in This City' the follow up to 2007’s 'Say No to the World', which is due to be released early next year .

With a little help from My Chemical Romances' Gerard Way - executive producer for their second album, they are sure to make a mark in the rock and punk-pop scene.

The band name is a slight contradiction because they are anything but "Lost" or "Alone".

Helping them find their way are producers Jacknife Lee and Greg Wells who between them have worked with Katy Perry, Deftones, Weezer and U2.

Lost Alone are definitely not lonely after playing to huge crowds when supporting 30 Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Enter Shikari and My Chemical Romance.

They have also graced several different stages playing the festival circuit and can put T in the Park, Download and Reading and Leeds festival on the CV.

The band marry together a wall of sound with a distinctive accent driven vocal, they know where they are going and will probably take more than a few people with them.

LostAlone are bringing something a little bit different to the table pinching influences from all over the shop they have forming quite an interesting hybrid sound of punk-pop, classic rock and emo style progressive rock.

They seem as if they have settled more on a style, their earlier music was a little confused making flippant switches from indie to emo punk-pop complete with videos showing Papa Roach style shots of eyeliner wearing solemm looking teens.

LostAlone's new single 'Paradox on Earth', has a seasoning of Queen and seems to flow better and follow a narrative with less erratic genre changes in the song, taking the audience with them rather than confusing them.

It is very clear that they have been influenced by My Chemical Romance as their track off their new album could have easily been a B-Side to a song off of Welcome to the Black Parade.

However, this isn't a bad thing, Gerard must have had a say in their music and has welcomed their slight emulation of the band. The vocals are strong, harmonising is frequent but not tedious. The Derby accents have worked perfectly as they make the vocals stand out and the music more memorable.

Plugging away for over six years, supporting some heavy weights and having some friends in high places they aren't doing too bad for themselves. And with Iron Maidens' Bruce Dickinson supporting them it's sure to win them a few bonus points.


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