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May 26, 2011


By. Gage P.

We arrived at the venue at 3:30 and got to see a ridiculously large line wrapping all the way around the block. From fans with Tripp pants and elaborate military jackets to KillJoys with their battery operated hair that seemed to be almost blinding in the sunlight, the one thing clearly shared was a love of this amazing band.

We were led down a stairway where we were held and could hear them performing "Na Na Na" while doing their soundcheck. After what seemed to be the longest wait, the crew leads my Cousin and I and some other meet and greet contestants into the venue where we got to watch our own private soundcheck.

We got to hear "The Kids From Yesterday", "Vampire Money", and an instrumental of "Famous Last Words". Shortly after they walked down to meet us and everyones hearts froze. They were the nicest and most modest people I have ever met. I introduced myself to Gerard and he says "Hi, I'm Gerard" and all I could choke out was "Yeah.... I know" with a dumb grin.

We all posed for a quick picture and then left.
  Later that night as I stepped into the photo pit I could just feel the energy coming off the crowd. Everyone was so energetic as they all anxiously chanted "M-C-R! M-C-R!". After a very short wait (thanks to the speedy crew) you could hear the intro to "Look Alive, Sunshine" which was shortly covered up by the roar of the crowd. They came onto the stage with such a great presence and were all AMAZINGLY energetic. Gerard was getting face to face with the crowd while Ray and Frank dominated the stage Mikey remained strongly focused. The lights were by far the most amazing of any show I've ever been to.

Who am I kidding, that was all-around the greatest show I've ever been to. Gerard Way is an AMAZING front man, and the band played everything perfectly.

They played songs ranging from "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" to "House of Wolves", all in perfect tempo and harmony.
I think my favorites of the night were "DESTROYA", "Mama", and the encore, "Bulletproof Heart".

I strongly suggest that if you have the opportunity to see them live that you seize it. Also to stop by their merch booth because they had a TON of tour exclusive merch.
I'd like to thank MCR for being such an inspiration in my life and for allowing me to have this opportunity to meet and see them.

I'd also like to give a special shout-out to MCRmy Dallas for being so kind and for having such passion for the band. They were all exceedingly nice and very welcoming.

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