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May 29, 2011

REVIEW: Michele's Muzak Reviews: Architects & My Chemical Romance @ Palladium

The line that wrapped around the gi-normous building signified the 2 sold out shows at The
Palladium with My Chemical Romance headlining. The natives were restless after the first night
and some die-hard fans left the first show just to return back in line for the second night.
Architects opened a great, albeit a short set of 40 minutes, with stylish old school rock. They
roused the jam packed room and set a killer, high energy tone for the evening. The next band Circa Survive
prog rocked it out. The lead singer, Anthony Green, rubbed his ripped spaghetti strapped dress as he thanked his tattoo artist for having just 'hurt him
so good' hours prior to their performance. They mixed up SKA/punk/rock and sent
the crowd into body surf mode. 
MCR cracked everyone wide open by Planetary GO!, their third song off their latest album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. If you have never been to a My Chemical Romance show, you
are missing out on some serious high energy excitement. Though not all their songs may hit
you in the gut, each song has a unique sound serving as a time marker in their career. Their early
punk/hard rock sound differs greatly from their current recordings which shows the transformative
abilities of these guys to live a musicians dream and play with all genres of music while
continually making it all their own. Ray Toro's driving, electrifying guitars have only improved
over time. Vocalist Gerard Way, who's voice has wavered in past shows, kept strong at the Palladium.
At 2 straight hours of playing, Way was still going strong and he absolutely killed their mega hit
"Helena". The guys took a 5 minute break and did a three song encore wrapping the night up with
"Famous last Words" off The Black Parade and sent exhausted fans home to crash and burn thrilled
that they survived one of the most incredible, high energy shows around.

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