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May 11, 2011

ARTICLE: Your comments: Fans of My Chemical Romance speak out

The Star-Ledger music critic Tris McCall knew exactly when he gave up on the alternative music press: when they all refused to review My Chemical Romance's "The Black Parade" album.
McCall chose 'The Kids From Yesterday' as song of the day, writing: "The narrator is all grown up, but he's refusing to set aside what he learned as a kid: that authority is deadening, that adulthood is no great shakes, that the TV is a propaganda tool, and that every ride could be the last." user Laura_Magruder Dugan_426 is also a fan of My Chemical Romance:
Incredible review, right on the money! I'm turning fifty this year, saw MCR in Sayreville, and let me tell you - they talk to me too - only my flab and having to drive the car home kept me out of the mosh pit. The nay sayers on this band are talking to themselves - and we all know just when to stop listening. Thanks so much for putting this so well into words... I left Starland Ballroom on Sunday night just as elated as I left Madison Square Garden 3 years ago when they ended the U.S. part of their black parade tour. Seeing these guys is a cathartic and amazing experience... I suggest this to those who don't care for them - stay home, there will be more room for the rest of us to dance! I can't wait to see them again and to see what they give us next!

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