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May 29, 2011

FAN TOUR REPORT: Bakersfield

By. Taylor
3... 2... 1... They came and they rock the majestic fox theatre in Bakersfield. My Chemical Romance live has always been very theatrical with their performance. This concert lives up to the spectrum that has been MCR. But the mission was very bitter sweet.

I have seen MCR two times before this concert; both were on the Black Parade tour. But this concert was different. I drove four hours from my mother house to Bakersfield and back, on a school night. I typed this report in my graphic design class with no sleep.
I got to the theatre at 3:45 and waited for the meet and greet. Best part about concert besides watching the band is meeting the other fans. The meet and greet was alright but the sound check was epic. It was my first time attending to a sound check. They played a few song (Na Na Na, famous last words, etc.) The meet and greet was short & sweet.
MCR came on stage around 9:30 playing the first song in their set “Na Na Na” then into “Thanking for the venom” (which is one my favorite song). They set list is mix of all the albums. So you never knew what song was coming next. If you never been to a concert before its very loud, have no space and you wake up cover in bruises, but even in all the chaos. It was like you were the only person in the room. Some of my favorite moments at this concert was when they performed “I’m not okay” and “welcome to the black parade”.
Before I forget, I want to thank tina for giving me this opportunity. Want to thank the Tech crew and staff at the theater for all their help. Lastly to My chemical romance for their music which has touch us all.
Hope you enjoy my photos. Keep running J

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