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Aug 23, 2011

ARTICLE [excerpt]: Warner Bros. Records Truly Fabulous Suggestions for Upcoming Holiday Gift Guides

Yes, we know it's still August but we're so excited about what we have available from our artists that we cannot wait another minute to enlighten you. We need to share it with you NOW.
In an effort to make those who determine what you might want to include in upcoming gift guides -- Fall, Back-To-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holiday, etc., below is our list of all special editions, direct to consumer fan pieces, and merchandise.

Everything from Devo Energy Dome Hats and Black Keys Dress-Up Kits to Flaming Lips Trembling Fetus Christmas Tree Ornaments (who could resist) and lest we forget, Michael Bublé Naughty Hot Shorts, we've got something for everyone and then some...

Images are attached and please call listed publicist if you need further elaboration.


"... My Chemical Romance: 

Danger Days Jackets

Four individual custom band jackets inspired by the world of Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. These jackets were worn by MCR in their latest music video "Sing."

My Chemical Romance PR: Brian Bumbery / / (323) 904-9094 / Luke Burland / / (818) 953-3764"


",,, My Chemical Romance:

Seikatsu Koujou Kyokusen (Tokyoflash Watch)

Custom made for Better Living Industries in association with Tokyoflash Japan, the limited edition Seikatsu Koujou Kyokusen wristwatch has a brushed stainless steel case, contrasting white leather strap and bright multi colored lights.

12-Month Calendar

My Chemical Romance PR: Brian Bumbery / / (323) 904-9094 / Luke Burland / / (818) 953-376"

CREDIT: msnbc

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