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Aug 26, 2011

REVIEW: My Chemical Romance at Reading Festival

High points: Well, set openers don't come much more high octane than 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' followed by 'I'm Not OK (I Promise)' - complete with short, sharp power snare breakdown. Oh, and then 'Planetary (Go!)', accompanied by a battalion of balloons. Makes you wonder if they've got enough in the tank to sustain a full set. Seems they do, as they finish the set with an encore that features Brian May, the bulk of 'We Will Rock You', 'Welcome To The Black Parade', fireworks, and glitter canons. A hard act to follow that Muse will no doubt step to, but The Strokes? We shall see.

Low Points: Not really; MCR are close to the top of their game, a finely tuned machine that veer between frenetic and anthemic and frequently combine both, giving the MCRmy exactly what they want. And is it just us, or is the sound on the Main Stage up to par this year?

Banter: "Reading - you look ravishing, you look beautiful. You look different. This is the first night of the tour. Think you can out dance me? I want to see you try." Gerard gave a shout out to most of the Main Stage from The Blackout to New Found Glory, Bring Me The Horizon, the motherfucking Offspring, and the motherfucking Deftones. He forgot about Dry The River, strangely.


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