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Aug 29, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recaps - Leeds Festival 08/27/11

by khaospad

leeds festival 2011.
"...Me and the BFF's tried to worm our way in a little closer as some of the people watching 30STM cleared out, so we ended up pretty close. And then as we were watching the techs come out to take away the triad and such, STAR WARS STARTED PLAYING! I just turned to my BFF and was shared the geeky-ist grins ever because this BAND GUYS, ONLY THIS FUCKING BAND! ♥ We started rocking out to Queen and Green Day and Blink when they got played, (as well as Indiana Jones, fucking INDIANA JONES) and got so excited and felt so dorky, we were having an amazing time already and the band hadn't even stepped out onstage.

And then of course they did. And fireworks went off and the BLind woman came up on the big screens and Dewees came out in the Mousekat costume and then THE BOYS CAME OUT IN THEIR KILLJOY COSTUMES and everything was right in the world.

In all honesty, I can't tell you much of what happened on stage in the first half of the set because I couldn't see the stage AT ALL, thanks to being stuck behind a really tall guy. All I know is that at some point Gerard said something along the lines of 'all over my face' when he was standing next to Frank, and that I got the occasional peek at Gerard's REALLY VERY NICE ASS in those REALLY VERY NICE, FUCKING TIGHT AS HELL, LEATHER PANTS. *_____________* It was glorious guys, fucking GLORIOUS.

I managed to get my foot well and truly stamped on at one point and it hurt like hell (and when I took my welly off when I got back to the car I could see why, as my whole foot and toenail were BLUE), I tried to stick it out for a while but my foot kept getting knocked or trod on like it was a MAGNET FOR PAIN, so my friends decided that maybe we should get out of the front and hang around just out of the main crowd like we'd done for Deftones. Which was, tbh, the best thing we could have done.

Because now instead of the back of someone's head I could now see the entire FREAKING STAGE and all the wondrous production, and sure the guys weren't right in front of my eyes anymore but it didn't matter because the view was just amazing, you could see right over the tops of everyone's heads and see the band clearly and the crowd all moving in silhouette, it was just stunning.

We moved out just as Gerard was talking before SING, and gave his speech about the violence we'd had over here recently and how if you get angry to sing about it instead of picking up a brick (or screaming about it like the Cookie Monster, Gerard Way ladies and gentlemen!), which got quite a big cheer before SING kicked in and the crowd went crazy again.

The area we ended up in was seriously, fantastic. We ended up essentially where the mosh pit would usually be, except the mosh pit ended up being more of a 'dance circle'. Seriously it was me and the best friends with a group of about 10 others just dancing and having an amazing time. We were shin deep in mud and I was still soaked from the rain earlier but we didn't give a fuck, I remember talking to one of the guys we'd met and he was saying about how he DIDN'T EVEN LIKE MCR and he thought they were really good, and was dancing along and screaming along with the rest of us. It just proved to me how they'd actually killed it last night, when you get people who don't even like the band dancing along then you know you've done it right.

THE PLAYED SORROWS GUYS! FUCKING SORROWS! It was just after we'd got our spot up the back and it was AMAZING, we all went crazy and mud went everywhere and we didn't give a shit if we got dirty, it was so good! And then they played Kids straight after and it was just beautiful, absolutely stunning, that song was just MEANT to be played like that, in the dark, in the middle of a fucking muddy field with thousands of people singing the lyrics back. It was beautiful, it's the only way I can describe it. ♥

At some point somebody in the crowd lit a giant flare (I think it was during Teenagers) and Gerard was all, 'that shits fucking beautiful' or something to that effect.

The boys, just yeah - they looked so HAPPY, they just had so much energy and Ray was smiling ALL THE TIME, and Frank was all over the fucking place (which prompted my BFF to at many times go 'OMG LOOK AT FRANK! O_____________O'), and Gerard was just ON IT, on the floor, on the drum riser, STRUTTING (complete with swinging hips) all over the stage... at one point I specifically remember this amazing hip shake he did which just blew my MIND, seriously men should NOT be able to move their hips like that, OMG. *___________________*

And then they played Helena and the whole crown did the 'woah oh's' and it sent a shiver down my spine just at the sheer amount of PEOPLE you could hear sing back. It was crazy.

And then they went off for the encore and came back to play Cancer, which I was a little dubious about but worked SO WELL, it was almost as if the simple songs were the most powerful, it was when you could hear the crowd the most and it just made the whole thing feel so much more intimate, and not like you were just one of thousands standing in a field. Which makes no sense at all really, but it did, it was really strangely intimate, you felt as if you were part of something.

And lastly, of course, they played WTTBP and the crowd went INSANE. EVERYBODY was singing at the top of their lungs and EVERYONE had their fists in the air and EVERYONE was MOVING and it was one of the best things I've ever experienced in my entire life. At the end they had confetti cannons at both the front of the stage AND at the dividing barrier so all of us in the front section just got OBLITORATED by confetti, it just went EVERYWHERE and then they had fireworks coming off the top of the stage and it was beautiful. It was the best thing I've ever seen in my life I swear, I can't even describe how stunning the whole thing looked, I even watched the encore from Reading to try and compare and just yeah - it wasn't the same, it just wasn't the same as actually standing there and seeing it right in front of your own eyes. I was so awestruck that I didn't even give a fuck about not getting to see Brian May play with them (which until that point was something I'd been pretty bummed out about). It was just incredible, I HAVE NO OTHER WORDS. *___________________*

I have a few photos, none from down the front because well, I for one just didn't think about it and two, because I couldn't see shit anyway. But I have a few from the back, which didn't turn out as bad as I thought they might.


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