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Aug 23, 2011

REVIEW [excerpts]: Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance **WARNING: NEGATIVE COMMENTS"

"...There was a world of difference between My Chemical Romance and Blink 182. Blink’s stage presence far surpassed MCR. They simply commanded the stage with more pep, attitude and raw enthusiasm. Other than the interaction between DeLonge, Barker and Hoppus, one of the most noticeable differences between the two sets was that Blink 182’s light show was much more toned down. For a about half the show, the lights weren’t flashing multiple colors or distracting from the music. There was a clear emphasis on the band, not the theatrical tricks of the amphitheater."

"... When My Chemical Romance played, they came out to a crowd going crazy and lead singer Gerard Way screamed, “Alright you fuckin’ animals!” and went into “Na Na Na.” Though the opening sequence peaked my interest, as soon as they started to play, my interest died and I immediately wished I would have missed MCR instead of Manchester Orchestra (but more on that later). MCR was not nearly as energetic as I expected (or hoped), but they did a good job of getting the crowd involved—albeit most of that consisted of Way telling the crowd to put their hands up in the air."

Way also constantly asked the crowd to dance to songs that just weren’t dance-worthy, such as “Planetary.” What was neat about that song though was that huge balloons were tossed around the amphitheater and every time they ended up back at the stage Way would pop them. After belting out a mediocre version of “Helena,” Way told the St. Louis crowd it was the best crowd on the tour so far.

After a more redundant praise for the fans, MCR went in to “Kids from Yesterday,” yet another song Way told the crowd to dance to. “Remember Me” and “Welcome to the Black Parade” were next. At one point, Way demanded a mosh pit and mentioned it a couple times until the moshing commenced. It seemed like they—well, more specifically, Way—try so hard to be the anti-authority, anti-social norm anthem for the pre to late teen audience, that they come across as inauthentic.

In finishing of the last leg of the set, they played “Mama” and “Teenagers,” which was arguably their most well received song.  Surprisingly, it seemed like one of the most authentic songs of the night. They finished off their set with songs such as “I’m Not Okay” and “Famous Last Words.”

"... My only regrets from the night were that I missed Manchester Orchestra and had to sit through My Chemical Romance. But all in all, Blink 182 delivered an awesome show that was well worth the price of admission."

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  1. WTF!?!!!? I don't like this at all!!! Blink 182 can kiss my ass MCR rocked the fuckin place to the fuckin ground!!!