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Aug 24, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour St. Louis, MO

 I arrived at the venue at about five 'o clock and walked to the box office and checked to see if my tickets had arrived, they had not, so I looked around a little bit. The number of blink-182 fans was about equal to the number of My Chemical Romance fans, and they all visited in harmony as they waited for the gates to open. The gates finally opened at about six-thirty, and the tickets arrived around the same time. I got my tickets, and was told to go to the V.I.P entry to get my photo pass. I was taken into the box office and recieved my tickets and photo pass, now I was ready to go in. I gave my free tickets to my aunt and uncle and bought a pit ticket so I could be closer to my favorite band, the tickets I recieved were great but I wanted to be in the pit, and my aunt and uncle needed tickets, we walked in, and checked out all the awesome tents, and then walked down to our seats.

After getting my general admission armband I walked down to the pit, and enjoyed Manchester Orchestra's set, which got my ears ready for what I was about to witness. After Manchester Orchestra was finished I walked to the pit and talked to the security gaurds, after about fifteen professional photographers walked into the photo pit, I was escorted down, and prepared for My Chemical Romance!

After patiently waiting the light dimmed, the crowd cheered and a video of a "Better Living Indutries" agent popped up on the big screen and she was speaking Japanese, though nobody could understand, everybody payed close attention and soon My Chemical Romance was on stage!

Now My Chemical Romance was doing what they love to do, and the fans were loving seeing them do it! Everyone in at the venue did whatever Gerard said as soon as he said it! When he asked them to sing, they sung. When he said dance, they danced and when he commanded the fans to jump, they jumped so much that a metal tile in the pit broke, and left a hole in the dancefloor, which didn't keep MCR fans from jumping and dancing for the rest of My Chem's set! My Chemical Romance played through an amazing set full of energy and excitment! Right out of "Na Na Na" they played "Give 'Em Hell, Kid" followed by "Noise Jam", a quick jam session that had people jumping. That's not the only thing that had them jumping though, they then played "Planetary (GO!)" which had everyone springing off the ground and hitting giant balloons filled with confetti up to Gerard, who was popping each ballon with some USO (unidentified sharp objet). They then continued to play "Helena", followed by "The Kids From Yesterday", and "The Only Hope For Me Is You". They then played "Welcome To The Black Parade" which recieved a HUGE reaction and caused some moshing in the pit. At this point in the concert Gerard requested that everybody in the pit mosh to "DESTROYA", but pick them up and "no assholes". This wasn't the first time Gerard stood up for people in the crowd, he also told everyone that whether they thought they were "pretty or ugly", or "skinny or fat" that he wanted them to be themselves and dance, which comforted everyone in the audience. MCR then played "Mama" which resulted in a lot of jumping, almost as much as "Teenagers" which they played after, and rocked "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" from their second studio album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" and ended their incredible set with "Famous Last Words" I thouroughly enjoyed the show, and believe that this set was the best from this entire Honda Civic Tour.

Whether you were there just for My Chemical Romance, or just blink-182, you left loving MCR. Even if you were there and didn't even know who My Chemical Romance was you left a fan. This was my first time seeing MCR, and it was an unbelievable! I can't wait to go to another MCR concert! Thanks again My Chemical Romance and Buzznet for everything, and I hope you enjoyed my blog!

Here's the rest of the photo's I took:
There's a lot, and a lot are blurry, but really.. how are you supposed to keep a steady hand when standing in front of Ray Toro!?


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