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Aug 13, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recaps - 08/09/11

Boston Show of WONDER. by brooklinegirl

oh man, you guys, the show last night was SO FUCKING GREAT and SO FUCKING INTENSE. It MONSOONED in Boston and the traffic was terrible getting in - we were CRAWLING along to get to the venue. SO frustrating, but it worked out incredibly well in that we managed to find the car - or, okay, they found US - with shiningartifact, amazonziti, and swiiftly ON THE ROAD, and they merged in front of us, so we got to the venue together.
entire recap here
MY CHEMICAL FUCKING ROMANCE in Boston, MA, 8/9/11 by mrsronweasley

The thing is - the thing is, THERE IS NO BAD MY CHEM CONCERT. Or, like - I cannot imagine a circumstance, after having seen them a full FIVE TIMES NOW, I could walk away from them unsatisfied. I've seen them in Roseland, where we almost got squished to death by huge-ass dudebros in the pit, and I've seen them in Boston's HOB where we had the best view IN THE WORLD, and in Starland - which didn't impress me as a venue, but was HOME to them, and in DC's 930 Club, which was the smallest venue we will probably ever see them in, and the best, sweatiest experience of LIFE, and now at the Comcast Center, which is huge and gives you a bird's eye view even from the middle of the venue, AND EVERY TIME, IT'S BEEN AMAZING. No matter the set list, no matter how many times I have heard INOK and WTTBP and Helena and Na Na Na, IT NEVER GETS LESS AMAZING.
 entire recap here

Blink/MCR show :D   by fobsessed54

MCR was FUCKING FANTASTIC. they were just on. Watching frank live was incredible. he knocked over his mic stand a few times and some poor techie had to brave the whirlwind-'o-frank to set it back up again! Gee was great, vocally, which i was a bit worried about given some prior youtube vids i've watched but i loved it. Ray was AAAAAMMMAAAAAZZZIIINNNGGGG, of course, on guitar, ripping and shredding away. and there's always Mikey Fucking Way we can't forget about ;)
entire recap here

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