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Aug 9, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Blink 182 with My Chemical Romance at Jones Beach

"...After a solid opening set from alt-rockers Manchester Orchestra, the Tri-State Area's own My Chemical Romance took the stage with the frenzied "Na Na Na...", kicking the evening immediately into high gear. After coming home nearly deaf from the screams of the various MCR shows I've attended, I expected complete mass hysteria at this performance as well. But, as I said earlier, the venue setup makes it impossible to create that kind of intense atmosphere, so the mania was contained to a dull roar in comparison. However, judging from the groups of kids dancing in the upper level aisles to "Planetary (GO!)", MCR was doing a good job of reaching the outer limits of the crowd. Given the fact that the more expensive seats down front were not sold out, loads of kids had already snuck up and filled in the lower floor sections by that time, so the balcony fans had plenty of space to rock out.

It was interesting to see My Chemical Romance in the position of opening for someone else. Besides having to shorten up their setlist, they still had some work to do to win over the crowd. Going into this tour, I assumed that MCR totally shared Blink-182's fanbase. But it was clear from the screams when Blink came out onstage, that was not the case. Though MCR has a big enough following to fill Madison Square Garden and got plenty of love Saturday night, it was definitely a Blink-182 crowd."

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