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Aug 9, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Blink 182 is...Alright on First Night of Comeback Tour **WARNING: Mostly Negative**

"...My Chemical Romance took the stage next, so I got up to go spend $11 on a tall-boy of Bud. Yeah, they're from my home state. Yes, we came up in the same local scene. No, I don't care about them one bit (wasn't I just saying something about that? Oh, well). I recognized a few of their songs: the one with all the "na-na's," that song where the music video was filmed in the style of a funeral, and that "I'm Not Okay" one.  They actually put on a pretty decent live performance with a good level of crowd interaction and a healthy amount of energy. It's just too bad that I really couldn't care less about them. Oh, and PS: they were all wearing their own merch. Really? The band is huge and internationally-known; only tour-poor bands wear their own swag -- it's like being the fan who wears the band's shirt to their own show.

My Chemical Romance's setlist:
A bunch of crap and their bigger singles; idgaf."

Full article here 

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