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Aug 13, 2011

REVIEW: Fan recap - 08/11/11

by music = life

so tonight at Darien Lake Theme Park in Buffalo NY, I attended the Honda Civic Tour. The bands on this tour are Manchester Orchestra, My Chemical Romance, and Blink-182. Now my intentions for going were mainly for My Chem, and also to see Blink again in the venue I attended their reunion show almost exactly two years prior. I had heard of Manchester Orchestra, but never heard them.

I can now safely say I am not a fan.

Since I left half way through Blink’s set [I was cold, my friend was complaining, and it’s a 3 hour drive for us - we got back at roughly 1am], and I didn’t care for MO, this little show review is going to be strictly of My Chemical Romance.

Let’s start with the setlist:
  • Sleep
  • Give ‘Em Hell, Kid
  • Planetary (GO!)
  • Helena
  • The Kids From Yesterday
  • Welcome to the Black Parade
  • Destroya
  • Mama
  • Teenagers
  • I’m Not Okay (I Promise)
  • Famous Last Words
I was quite surprised they didn’t start with Na Na Na (Na Na Na…), and even more surprised that their starting song was something like Sleep. Frank and Pedicone were the first on the stage, creating the backbone of the song, followed by Mikey, then Ray, and eventually Gerard.

I thought that they would be playing a few more songs seeing as they are a big band themselves and also since they are kinda a co-headliner [I mean, they have their own HC vehicle], but what can you do.
I think I was also a bit surprised that they didn’t play Sing, but again, only so much time and the setlist was good. Though I was hoping for something off of the first album [I got Honey this Mirror… in April, after all :( ]
The concert was spectacular. Other than some minor technical difficulties of Gerard’s mic giving some [loud] feedback, everything was awesome. The venue people even brought out large balloons filled with silver confetti for the audience to throw and bounce around while My Chem performed.

As usual, everyone had a lot of energy and weren’t shy about moving around the stage. I think I was most surprised with Ray at one point when he just took total control of center stage, jumping up and down, throwing in a bit of head banging, and shredding the hell out of his guitar. That alone, in my opinion, made the show definitely worth going to [Toro is so talented…]

The background and lights changed from their Danger Days tour, and in my opinion, it’s an improvement. While we still have our strobe-seizure lights, having the giant screen in the background made for a pleasant view and also instead of weird monkey [?] statues being behind the band there were only tall lights.

The crowd participated thoroughly, the best being when Welcome to the Black Parade came around because the entire venue, however many hundred of us there were, sang in absolutely complete harmony and filled every inch with the song. The same occurred for Mama, at one point Gerard just stopped singing entirely and let the crowd have it for almost an entire verse.

There wasn’t much in-between talking, other than usual praising of bands and some small something that I couldn’t catch as Gerard ate his microphone, with a few moments of impromptu instrumentals and Gerard’s little vocal liberties like “la…la…la…” at the end of Mama, and a series of varied pitch/length “ohhhhh” that he had the crowd repeat back to him each time.

Despite the concert visually [shirts] be heavily on the Blink-182 side, everyone was more than supportive of My Chem and helped make it an overall success.

[and of course James was great <3 ]

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