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Aug 8, 2011

ENTRY: MCR Tour Blogger Entry for SPAC (Saratoga, NY) 9/16

My mother once called me a MCR reference book. 

But that’s not relevant, she just thought I should add that in there for shits and giggles.

My Chemical Romance will always be more than music to me. To me, My Chem is how I grew up. I started listening to them about a year after Bullets came out- I was 9. I was still a child, listening to this music that, compared to my normal music love of the Backstreet Boys, was so dark and angst-filled. But it was beautiful- I couldn’t stop myself from listening.

But when I did doesn’t matter, it’s what they’ve done for me. My Chem has brought me out of the darkest moments in my life, a few of which I’ve been lucky enough to thank them for. They are my picker-upper. 

They remind me I’m not alone.

They also reconnected me with my, now, fiancé. 

I’ve done insane things for them. I’ve lied bluntly to my parents about where I am to sneak out to see them. I’ve waited 7 days in the snow and winter outside in a MCR jacket and skinny jeans just to be in front, I’ve sold near and dear possessions for a ticket... but nothing can really stop my love for them. I have the utmost respect for them, as well. Every little word of advice they give I take and try to take it to heart- to better myself. They encouraged me to pick up a guitar, to sing, to write, to draw. My creative side can’t thank them more for the endless inspiration they give me. 

Being part of the MCRmy has done wonders for me, for a good while it gave me support and showed me I wasn’t the only one like myself out there, it gave me friends, and it didn’t matter where they were. It was a support group, a family, and today it still is (to an extent).

But... enough about my personal life, this is why I’m here.

I want the reporter position for the SPAC show in Saratoga, NY.

For many reasons.

I’ve been to 65 MCR shows, and I’ve always written reviews or recaps, every time. Wether I post them online or not, they’re always on my hard drive. But I’ve never been able to share them... to a mass extent.

And I’d love to. I’d love for people to not only experience what I did, but I want to be able to prove to those ‘skeptical’ people- that MCR will only get better with time. From Bullets to Danger Days, I’ve seen it all. It’s all been a beautiful journey, and I’d love to share it.

Also, this would be the only way I could take my best friend to see MCR for the first time... since we’re both broke and I live in NYC, and she lives in Vermont.

Transportation is easy, ticket prices are yuck.

But I’ll stop being a sap here.

CREDIT:brandyjohnson - buzznet

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