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Oct 7, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour - Houston

by Emily

We were all satisfied with My Chemical Romance’s presentation… I’ve said that a lot, My Chem gives great shows like this and others.

Before the doors opened, there were many people outside. I wasn’t formed in the line, because I was waiting by the box office for my photo pass and tickets. I thought, I was going to be nervous, but I was really relaxed.

Once all were inside the place, they were buying merchandise of the bands. I wanted to buy a t-shirt but the line was too long, so I decided to start taking pictures.

There was a diversity of ages among Blink-182's fans and My Chemical Romance’s fans.

7:50 Other photographers and I walked to the stage (exactly between the stage and the barricade). At that moment, I felt like a professional photographer, it was incredible (best moment of my life). The photographers and I were waiting for MCR to enter.

I have to say this experience is different than being in the audience. When you are taking pictures so close to them, you can see hidden expressions and hear their voices talking about the next song; it is hard to explain. I didn’t pay attention to the first 2 songs, I mean, I was listening to them but not exactly. I was focused on shooting the best photos of Frank, Ray, Mikey and Gerard.

When they started playing “Planetary Go”, the crowd started dancing and jumping like never. I was so excited when they started playing “Our Lady Of Sorrows”. The best songs of the night were “Helena”, “Famous Last Words” and" Welcome to the Black Parade”. I can say that because, I heard the crowd singing every single word of those songs. Jarrod Alexander was playing drums like he was the drummer of MCR for a long time ago. The drums sounded AWESOME and I noticed He was having so much fun.

was singing all the songs like never in my life. It was the best night of the year. They all were gathered together and I could see the excitement on everyone's faces before/after the show. When My Chem finished, the Mcrmy was outside waiting for them. They were talking with Frank and Gerard, they gave some autographs to the fans and then they left the place .

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