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Oct 10, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Wet and Wonderful? Leeds Fest 2011 Reviewed

Having no interest whatsoever in seeing Thirty Seconds to Mars, I headed back to the tent and got some food before heading back down to the main stage in time to catch My Chemical Romance’s set. Again, I had no real interest in seeing My Chemical Romance, however I had even less interest in seeing Beady Eye or Unkle Sounds, so I decided to meet up with my friend again and watch MCR, partly to see Teenagers, partly to say I’d seen them and partly because otherwise I’d have been doing nothing. Despite not knowing most of their songs and disliking most of the songs I did know, My Chemical Romance were great. The crowd were livelier than they had been for anyone other than Frank Turner and The Offspring and Gerard Way was a really entertaining front man. I enjoyed singing out the words to Teenagers and by the end of the night, I found myself singing along to Welcome To The Black Parade despite not really liking the song. My only complaint – other than I don’t like most of their songs – was that the show seemed to end a little prematurely, though I guess the fact that I’m saying I’d like to have seen My Chemical Romance play longer than they did is testament to how good they were as prior to seeing them, I’d have never believed there was such a thing as a My Chem concert as ending prematurely.

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