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Oct 8, 2011

BLOG: These Dangerous Days...Making 'Sing' (part 2)

After the wonderful chaos that was the “Na Na Na” shoot, it was time to relax. Well, in theory it was time to relax, in reality we realized that the follow up video would have to be filmed rather quickly. The guys had an impending album release, and we had a strong desire to keep the entire cast together.

Luckily, Gerard came up with a nice and simple proposition this time…let’s make a heist film that feels like the lovechild of Blade Runner and The Empire Strikes Back. No sweat!

Now, this would be a demanding video if you had a week to film it…we had to film 98% of it in one day. Director P.R. Brown would be aiding us this time, and it was his zen mastery that guided us through the heavy shot list which included exteriors/interiors, speeding vans, and a massive gun battle.

The second day of filming was a night shoot, that’s where we filmed the Trans-Am speeding through the iconic Second Street Tunnel in downtown Los Angeles.

Let’s check out the video! Here is the “Director’s Cut” version which has a bit more story:

Here are some shots of my adventures behind the scenes, I’ll be posting the final part of this series very soon!

Next: Dr. Death Defying, Transmissions, and BLI!

more photos here

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