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Oct 7, 2011

CONTEST: How did you discover blink-182 & My Chemical Romance?

It's contest time! One of the long-term goals of this website is to introduce you, the reader, to new music. We love it when you check out a new band we're posting about, reviewing, or you see a member talking about in the forums. That's one of the main reasons we do what we do. It was behind that motive that this website moved from being a fan site to a full-blown community. Now, the two bands we're running a contest for today (blink-182 and My Chemical Romance) don't really need any introduction. They're two of the biggest bands in our entire little ecosystem. However, they weren't always selling out stadiums. Back in the day ... they were small bands, just begging for fans to discover them. With that in mind - we came up with what we think is a cool way for users to win some pretty bad-ass prizes (deluxe merch packs, exclusive one of a kind items, etc.) from the Honda Civic Tour. What we want is for you to tell us how you first discovered blink-182 and/or My Chemical Romance. Think back to that first moment when you discovered the bands -- when you first heard their music and became a fan. That's the moment we're looking for. Got it? Now, head over to youtube and put up a quick video telling us all about it. The staff and bands will be checking these out - so give us the passionate version - the how, where, why and what it did for your life. Once you've got your video, come back here and post it in the replies of this news thread.* We want to see it!

To get you started we asked Mark Hoppus of Blink and Frank Iero of MCR to tell us how they first heard about and discovered the others band. We've got those videos below. And then we've got a bunch of videos from staff members as well ... because, we're music fans too.

* To do this, click the video icon () in a post and then paste the URL to your youtube video. Tada. If you don't have a video camera on your computer, we don't want you to miss out. You can do a text post if you'd like. But the more visuals you include (photos?) the more it will stick out for our judges!


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