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Oct 24, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Living the Middle School Dream **WARNING - Negative Review**

"...With My Chemical Romance’s screaming start, pink and white lights flashed in our eyes, shielding us from the lead singer, Gerard Way’s blinding red hair.  It was as though the band was trying to distract us from the obvious aging the group had done since we had last heard their hit song on the radio, “Welcome to the Black Parade.”  The crowd was semi-enthusiastic and only somewhat responsive to Gerard Way’s best attempts to pump them up.  I found myself wondering what Gerard Way’s opinion of himself was.  When Way walks down the street, does he think, “This is me, lead singer of the band, My Chemical Romance, an artist?”  Or does he chuckle to himself when he catches his flaming red hair in a window reflection and wonders at his own fame?  These questions I will never answer, but listening to the attempted rockstar transitions from song to song and seemingly sarcastic remarks to the audience, I secretly hoped but highly doubted it was the latter.  After the initial intrigue in the emotional vibes of My Chemical Romance, I became impatient to finally see the band I had come to see in the flesh."

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