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Oct 22, 2011

NEWS/VIDEO: Our fellow Brazilian Killjoys need our help! - PHASE 2

Transmission 77.9 - Art is the Weapon

by Camila Terra

Look Alive, Killjoys, how are you?

As many of you who follow our activitier could notice, we were forced to launch the already late video for phase 2 of our project. That happened on purpose due to an emergency.

You all know that the World Contamination Tour is almost over and still, there isn’t a single scheduled show in Latin America. That is because of the new responsible for the band’s show booking in our region is, for some unknown reason, to make it as hard as possible, nearly impossible, to schedule a show here. Further, there is the indifference from each of our country’s Warner division. My Chemical Romance does not receive the publicity it needs as it happens in other countries. We are alone. Few try to help us, help us reach our dream and see them again. We need to join forces if we want to draw the MyChem staff, the band itself, or other company’s attention. Drawing their attention to all the trouble we go through and stops us from going further, leaving us with minimal chances of bringing them to our continent.

Well, it seems like we’ve found our own Better Living Industries to fight against, Killjoys. And what is our only weapon? Union. We ask for every Killjoy around the world who can help, to do so, especially those from Latin America. We ask you to take part of a series of movements who will make someone see us and give us attention. We need to make noise, and we need to do it loud. Don’t you think thousands of voices could make a great deal of noise?

We’re all after the same objective. We all know what it takes to love a band, the same band. We all know what it is to get inspired and comforted with what they do and are, with their lyrics that seem to read our souls.

Our initial proposal is to, with help of all the Latin America fans, get a trending topic on twitter. Something simple and that shows our desire: #LatinAmericawantsMCR. Also we want other armies to produce a similar video to the one we launched today. Broadcasters and Killjoys from Latin America in a single transmission, united in a fight with the same goal.

Hashtag = #LatinAmericawantsMCR during the weekend, should be a Worldwide trending topic.

We ask all concerned to meet with their respective Armies and send us an e-mail to with the subject “latinamericawantsmcr” so that we can instruct you until 10/31. We’ll a lot of work to do, and very little time, because the tour already has a scheduled end.

Can we count on you, Killjoys from Brazil and all over the world? 

If you have any doubts, contact us: @ProjetoDoItLoud