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Oct 10, 2011

REVIEW [excerpt]: Show Review: blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Matt & Kim (Honda Civic Tour) at Shoreline Amphitheater,

My Chemical Romance are a band that the editor in chief of this blog adores, as well as many good friends of mine. And, by the reaction of the crowd, nearly every ticket purchaser of this evening’s event. I, however, have had very little interaction with them. I know the singles, and have heard plenty around me, but I’ve never sat at home and listened to MCR (as they are rather known by there fans, although this contraction makes me think of CCR, which is a totally unrelated thing.) I was expecting some darker toned pop punk music, at times leaning towards the dreaded “emo” banner. And, yes, those were some of the influences, but singer Gerard Way seems to have a different soul that he’s channeling. He has the androgynous swagger of Marc Bolan, only of filtered through an aggressive, nearly metal ferocity. He is the kind of frontman that comes along ever so rarely. Sure, they played the catchy, pop punk hits like “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and “Helena,” but they were at their strongest when they were indulging in their 70′s UK Glam Rock influences. There was the disco strut of “Planetry (GO!)” that could have easily been released on Factory Records, a Kurt Weill meets David Bowie of “Mama,” and the epic suite of “Welcome To The Black Parade,” all songs the showed a much more musically complex and mature band than most of their fellow Warped Tour graduates. Sure, since I was unfamiliar with much of their material, at times some of the songs started to blend in with each other, but they were a thoroughly entertaining support act, and definitely something that I would see again.

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