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Oct 7, 2011

VIDEO: My Chemical Romance: 'Fan fiction is vile'

Gerard Way also reveals why he dyed his hair...
My Chemical Romance have branded fan fiction written about them 'vile'.

Speaking in the video interview which can be seen above, frontman Gerard Way and bassist Mikey Way admitted they had read some band fan fiction but they didn't like what they saw.

Asked if he'd ever read any, Mikey Way said: "I've only read one and it was vile. I vowed to never look at another again. They always tell a story but there always needs to be that eroticism."

Meanwhile, asked why he decided to dye his hair red, Gerard Way said it was because he "didn't want to conform to thirty-something rock culture".

He added: "I wanted to get back to where I was as a kid in high school and art school, when I was discovering things and rebelling against things. [And I thought] we won't get put on certain magazine covers because now we don't confirm to a certain idea of 'handsomeness'."

In another video interview, which can be seen below, the band have revealed that they would invite The Vaccines to a party if they were to have one.

Frontman Gerard Way said that the west London four-piece would be their ideal dinner dates.

Fielding questions sent in by other bands, Way responded to the question: "Who would be your ultimate party guest?" by saying: "I'm going to go ahead and say The Vaccines. If we had a party we'd invite The Vaccines.

My Chemical Romance recently parted ways with drummer Michael Pedicone. On September 4, 2011, it was revealed that Jarrod Alexander would be the new touring drummer for the remainder of the band's US tour.


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