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Apr 11, 2011

Why there's not much Glee amongst some My Chemical Romance fans

....Best of all, though, was when Sue, now a fully-fledged Gleester sang and danced with the very people she loathes most in the world. Even better, she chose Sing by My Chemical Romance.
Not since she covered Madonna’s Vogue, has the terror of the Cheerios been so out of her comfort zone.
A bit like the hardcore My Chemical Romance fans who have been whipped into a frenzy on internet forums, posting scathing comments about how devastating it is that MCR have sold out by allowing this travesty to take place and, OMG, how utterly (insert expletive here) is Glee?!
Come on you angry MCR fans. Nobody died, apart from embarrassment maybe, and who knows, your favourite rockers could get a whole new fan base out of all this publicity. And if Kurt is one of them, perhaps he could add a bit more pizzazz to those official merchandise jackets your chemically commercial boys are flogging on their official website for $90 a pop!

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