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Apr 21, 2011

ARTICLE: Q&A: My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way on Vampires, Glee, And Liza Minnelli

My Chemical Romance's fearless leader talks about mocking his own concept albums and rebelling vicariously through his hair.
What are your favorite post-apocalyptic movies?
Night of the Comet, Mad Max obviously--I actually prefer the first one. A Boy and His Dog. I think those are like the three main classics.
You've said the new album's "Look Alive, Sunshine" intro was inspired by A Clockwork Orange, but it also reminded me of Vanishing Point, have you seen it? It's a 1971 car-chase flick with a guy on the radio sending messages to the driver so he can escape the police.
Yes! Vanishing Point and The Warriors were two very big reference points for the album. I definitely wanted it to feel like there was this DJ out there like, inspiring these lunatics to drive around. And I also wanted it to feel a little bit like The Warriors as well. But yeah, I love both of those movies.

So what came first, Fabulous Killjoys the album or Fabulous Killjoys the comic book?
The comic actually. Me and my friend Sean Simon--who sold our merch and was a friend of ours who just kind of volunteered to do that, he was in the van with us from the beginning. We had the idea for this comic that really was in a weird way semi-autobiographical, although had nothing to do with us and we weren't in it. Just like, all the stuff we would make up and the way we viewed the world and all the metaphors we'd use for the world. So that was kind of the starting point. And then I didn't realize it until [comic book writer] Grant Morrison had pointed it out that we were in fact making that album, that was going along with the comic of us.

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