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Apr 16, 2011

ARTICLE: Vertigo Music's Record Store Day a Total Blam Blam: Huge crowds, vinyl sales, long line for My Chemical Romance

The national Record Store Day event has become an enthusiastic annual celebration in support of independent record/CD retailers, who have become a dying breed over the past decade or so.
And there's been no more enthusiastic, even wild, celebration of Record Store Day than that sponsored by Grand Rapids' Vertigo Music on S. Division Avenue.
Today was certainly no exception as hundreds of young fans lined up outside the store in the rain to await the afternoon arrival of popular rock band My Chemical Romance, which plays a sold-out show at the Orbit Room tonight.
My Chemical Romance was slated to meet fans and sign autographs at 4:30 today and some fans even started lining up Friday night.

Inside Vertigo Music, things were just as hectic, as hundreds of customers took advantage of CD and vinyl sales, lining up with their prospective purchases, listening to a host of talented West Michigan bands performing in the corner of the store, and enjoying free refreshments.

Vertigo Music manager Herm Baker said the overwhelming majority of customers were purchasing vinyl LPs, part of growing nationwide trend that began several years ago.

Grand Rapids rock outfit The Total Blam Blams -- which has quickly become one of my absolute favorite local bands -- put on a muscular, energetic set around lunchtime, giving away copies of its EP for free to fans.
Also performing today: The Long Count, Shores, Boss Mustangs, The Blue Squares, Big Dudee Roo, and Hannah Rose with Soulshine.

Record Store Day continues at Vertigo Music until 8 p.m.


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