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Apr 18, 2011

ARTICLE: Meeting My Chemical Romance was mind-blowing

  My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to explode! The only thing that was separating Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero and Ray Toro from me, was an ugly, plastic curtain.

I remember the security guard motioning us to come in because it was our turn. I walked through the curtain and the thought running through my mind was that there was no way this was real!! As I walked a few steps farther, I saw the beautiful, fiery, red hair -- it was Gerard Way. Then I knew it was real, and my inspiring idol was only a few feet away.

These weren't just four ordinary men in front of me, it was My Chemical Romance! I got to meet the band in the empty venue prior to their recent show in Salt Lake City. I had been waiting for this for more than eight years, and it was finally happening, so I lived in the moment. I introduced myself, and made sure to hug all of the band members, because this was something that would most likely never happen again.

The band members were all extremely nice and friendly; the only downfall was we only had a few minutes with them, and their security guard would not stop yelling at us to hurry and get out. Meeting My Chemical Romance has always been something I wanted to do. I am so blessed and grateful to now say I have done it.
It had been almost three years since I was screaming for MCR at their last concert on April 11, 2008, at Saltair. My Chemical Romance finally returned to perform at "In the Venue" April 8 as part of their World Contamination Tour. The show sold out within a couple of days, and people were willing to pay any price to get in at the last minute. Being the crazy fan I am, I called the radio stations countless times, and eventually was entered in a drawing for a chance to meet the band.

The Architects, a new band from Kansas City, Mo., opened the tour with loud, energizing songs that pumped up the crowd.

Next came Neon Trees, an alternative rock band that originated in Provo. They performed all of their hits, including "Animal," and put on a very entertaining show. Lead singer Tyler Glenn was very ecstatic and wild; his funky, outgoing style kept the crowd's energy high.

Then it was finally time for My Chemical Romance to steal the show; when they finally came out, the venue blew up with raging excitement. The alternative, punk rock band opened with their hit single "Na Na Na." They switched off playing songs from their newly released album, "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys," and old hits from their previous albums, "Life of the Murder Scene" and "The Black Parade."

MCR kept the crowd wild and screaming for more. Way, the lead singer, mentioned that Salt Lake City was the best crowd so far on their tour. The venue was insane, and people were constantly moshing and crowd surfing.

"Helena," one of MCR's most famous songs, was the number the band closed their performance with and the crowd loved every second of it. The band truly put on a mind-blowing, fun, crazy, breathtaking show that no one will ever forget. It was completely worth all of the desperate and anxious waiting of the past three years.
It is MCR's inspiring, meaningful lyrics, and crazy, upbeat songs that keep me begging for more. Their music is unlike any other band's or artist's. It is original and always holds an important, uplifting message, and that is what I love.

Now it is time to start counting the days until MCR will return again for another amazing performance.


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