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Apr 5, 2011

Show Review: My Chemical Romance with Neon Trees and Architects at The Fox Oakland, 3/31/11

MCR!!!!  That’s all my fangirl heart was screaming while walking towards The Fox and the hoards of people, clad mostly in black, slowly making their way in to the theater.  Of course, I didn’t have a ticket, just a photo pass, but trivial details will not keep me from a show!  After a brief panic the ticket was procured and I made my way in and was amazed by the crowd already formed on the floor. By the excitement radiating through the room I could tell that this, the fourth time I’ve seen My Chemical Romance, was going to be the best.
Before the first opener, Architects, even took the stage the floor was so packed that each time someone moved it would send a wave through the crowd.  From the balcony it was really fun to watch.  The band?  Oh yeah, them.  I talked to a random girl at the water fountain and we both gave it a sideways thumb.  So did one of my friends ushering the show, so it’s unanimous!  Later another friend said to me “this sounds like Danzig” and I said “It would be much better if it was Danzig.”  And that’s really all I remember about them between the fangirl anticipation and the non-excitement of the music.  Sorry guys.  I heard a lot of cheering though, so some people must have given them more than a sideways thumb.....
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