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Apr 12, 2011

My Chemical Romance and Neon Trees Ignite the Fillmore

A predominately youthful and rowdy crowd packed into the Fillmore Auditorium in downtown Denver on Saturday April, 9 for a sold out performance from My Chemical Romance and Neon Trees. The “chemistry” in the venue was tangible from the minute the doors opened. Many fans pressing against the front of the stage admitted they had been in line to earn that position since as early as midnight the previous night. That level of fan commitment combined with their anticipation and energy fused together to make the evening an emotionally charged live music experience.
Opening up the night was a group called The Architects who respectfully entertained the crowd with their lively and sometime animated gestures and antics. They played solidly for thirty minutes and their sound was reminiscent of classic stadium style rock and roll. The Architects not only did their job of warming up the venue but they successfully held the attention of the venue for the duration of their set.
Following that the hit generating, Utah based band, Neon Trees took over the stage with a passion and charisma that isn’t equaled by many. Frontman Tyler Glen uninhibitedly danced and entertained for the duration of their 45 minute set, at one point taking off his shoes and throwing his socks to the crowd. Playing songs from their debut album Habits the performance was highlighted of course by singles “1983” early in the set and “Animal” towards the end. They performed like a headlining band and packed their time spent onstage with a live show that was entertaining and as colorful as their name implies.

When My Chemical Romance finally hit the stage the venue erupted. The crowd sang along with opening song “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)”, shouting along with the band. Fronted by birthday boy Gerard Way the band laid down a memorable set while still pausing to sing “Happy Birthday” interludes between songs. Gerard easily commanded the crowd who responded to his every whim, raising their hands and clapping when he motioned or jumping in time with him. In true form My Chemical Romance mesmerized the sold out Denver audience, some of whom had waited over half a day to get the up close and personal encounter. The band brought the best of their music, for a live experience that won’t soon be forgotten by those in attendance.

CREDIT: Marian Turin - The Examiner

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