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Apr 11, 2011

Chris Brown Vs. My Chemical Romance: Music Video Fight Club - VOTE NOW!

Chris Brown hangs out with his famous friends in the video for Beautiful People while My Chemical Romance perform a gig with Japanese subtitles in Planetary (GO!) but which one will win this week's fight club?
Brown has been in the news this week after throwing a hissy fit of spectacular proportions after being quizzed about ex-girlfriend Rihanna on US TV.

He trashed a a room and left a broken window in his wake after leaving the Good Morning America studios but, hey, take a look at his new video for proof that he's really a happy-go-lucky, chilled out guy.

In the promo, Brown hangs out with beautiful people, runs around on a scooter and dances with mates in the studio.

Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Nelly, The Game, Bow Wow, Tyga, Estelle, Brandy, Omarion and Timbaland are just of the stars who make cameos in the new video.

Meanwhile, My Chemical Romance have both Japanese and English subtitles in the opening to their video for Planetary (GO!).

The promo was filmed at London's O2 Islington Academy last month during an 'assault party' - whatever that means - which basically sees the band jumping around on stage playing a gig as their fans cheer on.
Winner: Chris Brown

Chris Brown teams up with Benny Benassi on this uplifting dance track which features pumping beats and the message to not let people get you down.
To be honest his dancing in the video is probably better than his singing but it's still pleasant enough.

Reading and Leeds Festival 2011 headliners My Chemical Romance are back with Planetary (GO!), another shouty rock track which will either have you jumping up and down and going bonkers like one of their fans in the video or reaching for your nearest earplugs.
Winner: Chris Brown

Wonder what's been getting Chris Brown down lately? He sings: Your beauty it’s inside you/Inside you/Don’t let ‘em bring you down no/The beauty is inside you/Don’t let ‘em bring you down/Cos you start your life today/Live any thoughts you’ve dreamed off.'

My Chemical Romance aren't so considerate: I can’t slow down/I won’t be waiting for you/I can’t stop now/Because I’m dancing/This planet’s ours to defend/Ain’t got no time to pretend/Don't f**k around this is our last chance.' Winner: My Chemical Romance 

Overall winner: Chris Brown beats My Chemical Romance by 2 to 1 


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