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Apr 15, 2011

REVIEW: MCR Plays to Sold Out Audience

After releasing their new album, "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys," pop rock giants My Chemical Romance set out on the World Contamination Tour, which included a North American leg in recent months. Much to the delight of local fans, the band was booked to perform at the Val Air Ballroom where they played to a sold out audience.

While My Chemical Romance may have shed a lot of the bite in their sound since they last played the venue six years ago, they have not lost their energy. Their long anticipated return to Des Moines did not disappoint all the diehard fans ravenous to see a glimpse of the band they loved.

The opening band was Architects, Kansas City natives who were unheard of to the majority of the audience. The band delivered a groovy, straightforward, hard rock sound that contained hints of a southern flavor throughout the performance. Architects tried their hardest to energize and entertain a crowd that was completely unfamiliar with them, certainly not an easy feat. The band was entertaining but not anything to write home about. Architects merely served as a warm up for the two bigger acts that followed them, and the crowd seemed anxious for their set to finish so they could get to the good stuff.

Following Architects were Neon Trees, who have recently received mainstream exposure with their popular single "Animal." Neon Trees were a good fit on the tour, considering the pop and synth heavy sound of My Chemical Romance's latest release. One of the more interesting and note worthy aspects of Neon Trees was their female drummer, Elaine Bradley, a rare sight in any form of music. Seriously, it is not common to see a girl behind the drum kit. The band's lead singer, Tyler Glenn, was the only performer of the night to actually step down from the stage and interact with crowd.

After many hours of anticipation, My Chemical Romance stepped onstage to a deafening roar from the crowd that practically shook the whole building. The screaming continued through the night as frontman Gerard Way crooned and milked it for all it was worth for the audience. The band's set list was a mix of songs mostly from their last two albums and opened with the first single of their new album, "Na Na Na." (It is not hard to guess what the chorus to that one is.)

While My Chemical Romance played all of the singles off of their new album, they did sprinkle a few songs from their second album into their set. Fitting, as these songs are their best known and are what helped make them famous. The band only performed one song from their 2002 debut album, "I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love," but it was a treat for older fans as well as certain people who greatly prefer their earlier works to their last two releases. (Names will not be mentioned.)

My Chemical Romance left the crowd dazed and delighted after they finally left the stage. It was clear as everyone left the building that band had just played to an audience of deeply dedicated fans.

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