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Apr 9, 2011

Gerard Way: My Chemical Romance man talks marriage and babies

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way initially intended to have a career in comic books - he graduated from the School of Fine Arts in NYC in 1999.

Music came first, though now the 34-year-old lead singer has a successful comic book franchise, "Umbrella Academy."

He's also got a wife and a daughter. He married Lindsey -- better known as Lyn-Z of Mindless Self Indulgence -- backstage at a concert in 2007. They live in Los Angeles with their daughter, Bandit.

Way, who is promoting his band's upcoming album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" (also the title of a comic book he announced he was developing 2 years ago), sat down with the Time Out Chicago to talk about married life.

When asked what he and Lindsey argue about, he said, "Oh, oh. Biggie versus Tupac. When we got married, it was the only music we argued about. I really like Tupac. She has the same birthday as Biggie. She's very into Biggie."

Though Way used to subscribe to a live-fast-die-young philosophy, that's changed, especially now that he's a father. "It definitely cemented it. But I started to feel that way in my late twenties: 'Living is awesome! Life is great.' I realized what I liked. Performance is fine, yeah, but I like to create. I didn't want to run out of time. I just want to keep making things. If you're not around, you're not making anything."

When he set out to make "Danger Days," he wanted it to be a raw, old-school punk record, but he says that's not what the final product looks like. That's due, in part, to a conversation with a legendary rock star.

"I often say if Iggy Pop had heard both records, I'm certain he would have chosen 'Danger Days.' I got to do an interview with him in the middle of making the record, and he told me he was always doing the thing that people didn't want him to do. That's what 'Danger Days' is. He said he took up golf just because it would bother people. There's definitely that part of me, too. Maybe it's because I've never really grown up. Well, what does everyone not want us to do? Use color. F*** our hair up. Dress half our age."

CREDIT: Carina Adly MacKenzie - Zap2it

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