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Sep 14, 2011

REVIEW: Tour Blogger: Honda Civic Tour Vancouver

by arabella37

As soon as I arrived at the arena in Vancouver, there were tons of My Chemical Romance fans all around. There were fans all over the street, getting off the near-by train station, everywhere. Though there was still an hour and a half to go before the show even started, fans were lining up and getting pumped to see the performance. I’ve never seen so many people in MCR shirts in my entire life. So many, that the number of My Chemical Romance fans seemed to almost be equal to the number of Blink182 fans. Standing in line myself waiting to get my tickets I overheard a number of people say they came from the US and had to travel quite a distance to get there. Others also said they came from other parts of Canada. My Chemical Romance fans always manage to surprise me at just how far they’ll go for the band and how dedicated they are.

After I got my tickets, I went to collect my photo pass. I wondered around for a while, but eventually found where I needed to be. All the photographers had to wait to be brought up to the photo pit by officials before we could begin taking pictures. Once I did arrive at the photo pit, again I was taken back. The moshpit was packed with MCR fans screaming for the band. After the first two opening acts, the crew began to set up the equipment for My Chemical Romance. Both the fans and I grew more and more anxious as the stage crew ran through the final sound checks. Finally, the band came on…and the crowd went wild. I could barely hear myself think with all the screaming. 

 Being as close as I was to the band was truly a once in a life time experience. Where I was in the photo pit was incredible. I was literally less than a couple feet away from the band and, when Gerard would come to the front of the stage, a few inches. I’m not one to get nervous in those kinds of situations, but being so near to my favorite band, my heart did skip several beats. Even though I was busy trying to take the photos, I still had the best view to watch the show. During the whole thing I was thinking to myself, “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m this close!” and “This is really happening!” After the first two songs, all the photographers were led away from the photo pit. I can honestly say I never thought I’d ever get the chance to do anything like the opportunity I had. 

Once I got back from the photo pit, I went to my seat and watched the rest of the performance. The show was amazing! They played songs off all three of the last albums and some of which happened to be my favorites. The band also sounds so great live, just like they do on their albums…unlike other bands that I’ve heard live, but turn out to be studio voices. I can see the band deeply loves doing their job and they do it so well. They really know how to connect with their audience and you can tell by how the crowd reacts to them. Each one of the band members are truly excellent performers, which is what I think is so great about seeing them, they never disappoint.
-Arabella Bonsor
Sorry for the poor quality of the band photos. My professional camera was acting up and I had to use my digital as a back up. 

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  1. Great interpretation of the crowds! I really felt like I knew the layout and everything that was going on was like I was really there to see it! The photo is a little blurry though.